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Did You Know?

The NCSU Biological and Agricultural Engineering consistently ranks as a top ten graduate program.
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Dr.John Classen
Dr. John Classen
Graduate Programs
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fax: 919-515-7760
e-mail: grad-info@ncsu.ed

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Heather Austin
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About Bio & Ag graduate degrees...

A graduate of biological and agricultural engineering wearing a cap and gown looks towards the future.The Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at NCSU offers the MS, MBAE and PhD degrees, as well as a Graduate Certificate in the Design and Analysis of Environmental System: Watershed Assessment and Restoration. The MS and PhD are research-oriented degrees for graduates who wish to conduct research in a specialized field. The MBAE is a non-thesis masters degree recently redesigned to accommodate working professionals who need advanced education but do not desire a career in research. This degree can now be completed via Distance Education (DE). Our graduate certificate is designed for environmental professionals who wish to enhance their graduate credentials without investing the time, effort and expense required for a graduate degree. The certificate is also now available via DE.

BAE graduate programs offer students the opportunity to obtain a world-class graduate education in the fields of environmental engineering, bioprocess engineering, machine systems design and controlled environment engineering. We also offer an exciting cosmopolitan lifestyle unlike that available in a typical university town. Located in Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina, and in close proximity to Research Triangle Park a hub of industry research and two other nationally known universities (UNC Chapel Hill and Duke). BAE and NCSU offer a unique professional and social environment. The region in and around each of the three universities offers its own culture and unique characteristics. BAE and NCSU are close to the ocean and the mountains, providing numerous opportunities for a wide variety of extracurricular and recreational activities.

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Graduate Program Objectives:

To enable students to develop as professionals capable of successfully competing for high demand positions in industry, government and academia.

To prepare students to be effective researchers in the various fields of biological and agricultural engineering.

To provide practicing engineers and other professionals the opportunity to gain a graduate-level engineering education.

Six reasons to be a graduate student here...

  1. The faculty is nationally and internationally recognized for excellence in their fields.
  2. Our graduates are well placed throughout the state, nation and the world.
  3. Biological and Agricultural Engineering consistently ranks as a top ten graduate school .
  4. The Environmental Engineering faculty is actively involved in projects to improve environments in the state of North Carolina, the US and the world.
  5. The Bioprocess Engineering program offers students the opportunity to work in an exciting, fast developing field. This research is cutting edge.
  6. Agricultural Engineering at NC State has a well known history and a sound tradition of innovation in teaching, research and extension in the biological and agricultural fields.