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Registration for EcoStream 2025 will open in Summer of 2024.


Evolving from Two Decades of Lessons Learned to Meet Future Challenges

August 13-16, 2018
Renaissance Asheville Hotel, Asheville, NC

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About the Conference

EcoStream: Stream Ecology and Restoration Conference – Evolving from Two Decades of Lessons Learned to Meet Future Challenges is NC State University Stream Restoration Program’s biennial southeast stream restoration conference. With preserving, enhancing, and restoring the entire riparian ecosystem in mind, EcoStream is the preeminent conference that focuses on stream restoration for the southeast region of the US. This well-attended event facilitates discussions among restoration practitioners, managers and scientists towards advancing ecological restoration to better achieve functional inter-connectedness of wetlands, streams, hydrology, riparian corridors and the biologic communities they support.

EcoStream is a valuable forum for exchanging ideas and experiences that encourages continuing research and enhances networking among restoration professionals. We invite the academic and professional community to join us August 13-16 in Asheville, North Carolina for a discussion of stream restoration. Through presentations, panel conversations, exhibits and networking among peers and colleagues, the 2018 EcoStream conference will continue to influence the future of stream restoration in the Southeast.


NC State University’s Stream Restoration Program (SRP), a comprehensive education program to improve the practice of stream restoration, is a team of faculty, staff, and students working to improve water quality and aquatic ecology through research, demonstration projects, and education. NC State University has provided leadership since 1998 in organizing the biennial Southeast Stream Restoration Conference.


Asheville, NC, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, is the perfect setting for the 2018 EcoStream Conference, which will represent the 13th regional stream restoration conference for the Southeast. Situated in Buncombe County, Asheville is located in a landscape where the waterways and land are inextricably linked. A vibrant downtown, excellent facilities, and abundant surrounding rivers and waterfalls provide an excellent setting for a productive forum for sharing ideas and information relevant to stream ecology and restoration.

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