Workshops & Conferences

We offer professional development workshops for individuals or groups interested in expanding and/or updating their skill sets. Many workshops offer tours and hands-on activities along with the opportunity to earn professional development hours (PDHs). We also coordinate a number of conferences and symposiums each year. Previous conferences included those on aquaculture, stream restoration, and waste management. Please contact Christina Shepard or Brittany Santore to learn more about planning and coordinating a workshop or conference.

Current Conferences

Current Conferences

Conference Location Date
NC Aquaculture Development Conference New Bern, NC March 7-10, 2018
EcoStream Conference 2018 Asheville, NC August 13-16, 2018

Current Workshops

Irrigation Tours/Workshops

Workshop Location Date

Erosion & Sediment Control / Stormwater Certification for NCDOT Projects

Workshop Location Date
Level I: Erosion & Sediment Control / Stormwater Inspector/Installer NOTE: Level I and II are now administered by NCSU Soil Science Department. Please click the link below to go to their website for information on schedules and to register online for Levels I & II:
Level II: Erosion & Sediment Control / Stormwater Site Management
Level III: Design of Erosion and Sediment Control Plans Raleigh, NC June 5, 2018
Level III-R: Recertification – Design of Erosion & Sediment Control Plans Raleigh, NC June 6, 2018

Stormwater and Low Impact Development Training

Workshop Location Date
Stormwater BMP Inspection & Maintenance Certification

Raleigh, NC December 19-20, 2017 (Full)
Raleigh, NC January 25-26, 2018
Pittsboro, NC March 15-16, 2018
Stormwater BMP Inspection & Maintenance UPDATE Durham, NC December 11, 2017 (Full)
Wilmington, NC February 14, 2018
Welcome to the MDC Chapel Hill, NC December 14-15, 2017 (Full)
Raleigh, NC January 23-24, 2018
SCM Construction Inspection Training and Certification Wilmington, NC February 13, 2018
Garner, NC February 28, 2018
Charlotte, NC March 14, 2018
RG 201 – Residential Rain Garden Certification
Rain Water Harvesting Workshop
Rainwater Harvesting Workshop AND Stormwater Nitrogen and Phosphorus (SNAP) Tool Workshop

Stream Restoration Program Training

Workshop Location Date
RC 101 – Stream Morphology Assessment Asheville, NC May 8-10, 2018
RC 201 – Natural Channel Design Principles Asheville, NC June 5-7, 2018
RC 302 – HEC-RAS for Stream Restoration
RC 161 – Aquatic Insect Taxonomy and Pollution Ecology
Backyard Stream Repair Workshops Carrboro, NC January 20, 2018
Surface Water Identification Training and Certification (SWITC) Raleigh, NC  May 22-25, 2018