Message Regarding Coronavirus – Updated on October 8, 2020:

We take the health and well-being of our workshop participants and staff seriously. We have modified our workshops to comply with the University’s requirements and the Protect the Pack Community Standards. Please view the information below regarding the status of each workshop. Standard refund policies apply to individuals who choose to cancel their participation in these workshops outside the determinations made by the BAE team. We will be monitoring the University’s guidance on COVID-19 as it develops over the next months, so these policies and workshop plans are subject to change. We will update our attendees with any changes as they arise via email and through this website. Additional information from the University regarding the Coronavirus is available at We have not made any determinations regarding 2021 workshops at this time. If you have not done so already, we highly recommend that you join our mailing list to receive announcement emails when new workshops are available. Thank you for your patience and support!

Current Conferences


Conference Location Date
Irrigation Society Conference


No Conferences are Scheduled at this time

2020 National Stream Restoration Conference

Instead of hosting EcoStream 2020, we are assisting in the organization of the National Stream Restoration Conference. We encourage everyone to attend this conference. EcoStream will return in 2022.

 Nashville, TN

August 3-5, 2020

Current Workshops

Irrigation Tours/Workshops

Workshop Location Date

Erosion & Sediment Control / Stormwater Certification for NCDOT Projects

Workshop Location Date
Level I: Erosion & Sediment Control / Stormwater Inspector/Installer NOTE: Level I and II are now administered by NCSU Soil Science Department. Please click the link below to go to their website for information on schedules and to register online for Levels I & II:
Level II: Erosion & Sediment Control / Stormwater Site Management
Level III CERTIFICATION: Design of Erosion and Sediment Control Plans

  • Certification List – Look up your certification information and track when to recertify. Planners do not send out announcement emails for when you need to recertify
    (i.e. keeping your certification valid and up-to-date is your responsibility)
Raleigh, NC – CANCELED June 9, 2020
Raleigh, NC –
Hybrid Format
December 2, 2020
Level III RECERTIFICATION: Design of Erosion & Sediment Control Plans

Raleigh, NC – CANCELED June 10, 2020
Raleigh, NC –
Hybrid Format
December 3, 2020

Stormwater and Low Impact Development Training

Workshop Location Date
Stormwater SCM Inspection & Maintenance Certification

  • Certification List – Look up your certification information and track when to re-certify. Planners do not send out announcement emails for when you need to re-certify
    (i.e. keeping your certification valid and up-to-date is your responsibility)


Raleigh, NC January 22-23, 2020
Dallas, NC February 12-13, 2020
Raleigh, NC CANCELED September 17-18, 2020
ONLINE FORMAT November 16-18, 2020
Stormwater SCM Inspection & Maintenance UPDATE (Re-certification) Raleigh, NC January 31, 2020
Raleigh, NC September 16, 2020
Raleigh, NC October 28, 2020
Stormwater Control Measure Retrofit and Rehabilitation
– Bioretention Retrofit and Rehabilitation Webinar
– Wet Pond and Dry Pond Rehabilitation Webinar
Raleigh, NC March 3, 2020
Washington, DC – CANCELED April 1, 2020
ONLINE FORMAT June 9, 2020 July 23, 2020
ONLINE FORMAT July 29, 2020
ONLINE FORMAT December 8, 2020
ONLINE FORMAT December 10, 2020
Stormwater SCM Construction Inspection Certification No workshops have been scheduled at this time
Welcome to the MDC (Minimum Design Criteria) Raleigh, NC March 10-11, 2020
Raleigh, NC – CANCELED June 18-19, 2020

Rain Garden and Water Quality Certification

Brevard, NC March 6, 2020
Rainwater Harvester Tool Workshop ONLINE FORMAT November 13, 2020
Stormwater Nitrogen and Phosphorus (SNAP) Tool Raleigh, NC CANCELED August 4, 2020
ONLINE FORMAT August 11, 2020
Permeable Pavement Maintenance: Interactive Demonstration Raleigh, NC – CANCELED April 16, 2020
BAE Stormwater Researchers Update and Q&A – FREE ONLINE FORMAT June 16, 2020
Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance, Swales, & Bio-Swales
– Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance Webinar
– Swales & Bio-Swales Webinar
ONLINE FORMAT August 25, 2020
ONLINE FORMAT October 13, 2020

Stream Restoration Program Training

Workshop Location Date
RC 101 – Stream Morphology Assessment Raleigh, NC March 3-5, 2020
RC 201 – Natural Channel Design Principles Raleigh, NC – CANCELED April 21-23, 2020
RC 302 – HEC-RAS for Stream Restoration ONLINE FORMAT May 11-13, 2020
RC 303 – Multi-Dimensional Modeling for Stream Restoration ONLINE FORMAT June 1-3, 2020
RC 401 – Construction Practices for Stream Restoration No workshops have been scheduled at this time
Stream Bank Repair Certification Newland, NC February 25, 2020
Hendersonville, NC CANCELED March 17, 2020
Surface Water Identification Training and Certification (SWITC) Raleigh, NC – CANCELED May 12-15, 2020
SWITC will not be offered Fall 2020
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