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Dr. Wenqiao (Wayne) Yuan is a professor in the area of bioenergy/bioproducts and sustainable agriculture. He received his Ph.D. degree in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2005. His primary focus of research is on issues and needs related to biological/engineering systems that produce, process, or utilize agricultural commodities and other biologically based materials for energy, food, and value-added products. His lifetime goal is to discover and promote the use of next generation energy, food, feed, and other renewable products for a sustainable future!


Ph.D. 2005

Agricultural/Biological Engineering

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

M.S. 2000

Mechanical (Vehicle) Engineering

China Agricultural University

B.S. 1996

Mechanical (Vehicle) Engineering

China Agricultural University

Research Description

Microalgae culture and bioprocessing; Fermentations; Sustainable agriculture; Artificial photosynthesis and bioseparations; Biomass thermochemical conversion; Microbial and bio-fuel cells; Biodiesel quality control and utilization

Honors and Awards

  • NCSU University Faculty Scholar, 2017
  • ASABE Rain Bird Engineering Concept of the Year Award, 2016
  • ASABE Superior Paper Award, 2015
  • ASABE New Holland Young Researcher Award, 2012
  • NSF CAREER Award, 2010
  • Mid-central section of the ASABE Distinguished Service Award, 2010
  • ASABE Superior Paper Award, 2006
  • ASABE Boyd-Scott Graduate Research Award 1st place (Ph.D.), 2005
  • AOCABFE Scholarly Achievement Award, 2005
  • AOCABFE Research Paper Award, 2nd place, 2005


Microalgal-biochar immobilized complex: A novel efficient biosorbent for cadmium removal from aqueous solution
Shen, Y., Li, H., Zhu, W. Z., Ho, H., Yuan, W. Q., Chen, J. F., & Xie, Y. P. (2017), Bioresource Technology, 244, 1031-1038.
The biological responses and metal phytoaccumulation of duckweed Spirodela polyrhiza to manganese and chromium
Liu, Y., Sanguanphun, T., Yuan, W. Q., Cheng, J. J., & Meetam, M. (2017), Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 24(23), 19104-19113.
Butyric acid fermentation in xylose and glucose by clostridium tyrobutyricum
Luo, G. H., Zhang, L., Chen, T. R., Yuan, W. Q., & Geng, Y. X. (2017), BioResources, 12(2), 2930-2940.
Development of near-infrared spectroscopy models for quantitative determination of cellulose and hemicellulose contents of big bluestem
Zhang, K., Xu, Y. J., Johnson, L., Yuan, W. Q., Pei, Z. J., & Wang, D. H. (2017), Renewable Energy, 109, 101-109.
Porous polydimethylsiloxane as a gas-liquid interface for microfluidic applications
Ren, X., Lu, H., Zhou, J. G., Chong, P. L. G., Yuan, W. Q., & Noh, M. (2017), Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, 26(1), 120-126.
Modeling the growth of archaeon halobacterium halobium affected by temperature and light
Lu, H., Yuan, W. Q., Cheng, J., Rose, R. B., Classen, J. J., & Simmons, O. D. (2017), Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 181(3), 1080-1095.
Extraction and quantification of phlorotannins from edible brown algae
Liu, X., Yuan, W., & Meng, X. (2017), Transactions of the ASABE, 60(1), 265-271.
N2O emission and nitrogen transformation in chicken manure and biochar co-composting
Jia, X., Wang, M., Yuan, W., Shah, S., Shi, W., Meng, X., Ju, X., & Yang, B. (2016), Transactions of the ASABE, 59(5), 1277-1283.
Optimization of ultrasound-induced microalgal lipid recovery
Wang, M., Yuan, W., Luo, G., & Liu, Y. (2016), Transactions of the ASABE, 59(5), 1459-1465.
Numerical and experimental investigation of hydrodynamics and light transfer in open raceway ponds at various algal cell concentrations and medium depths
Amini, H., Hashemisohi, A., Wang, L. J., Shahbazi, A., Bikdash, M., Dukka, K. C., & Yuan, W. Q. (2016), Chemical Engineering Science, 156, 11-23.

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Renewable Paving Binders from Top-lit Updraft Kilning of Biomass
National Science Foundation (NSF)(6/15/15 - 5/31/18)
Collaborative Research: Artificial Photosynthesis Based on Archaeal Lipids and Proteins for Biofuels
National Science Foundation (NSF)(9/01/14 - 8/31/18)
Bio-Binders From Hydrothermal Conversion of Biomass for Paving Applications
NCSU Research and Innovation Seed Funding Program(1/01/13 - 12/31/13)
GOALI/Collaborative Research: Additive Manufacturing for a Highly Efficient Artificial Photosynthesis Device with Multi-layer Interconnected Channels and Micro-Porous Structures
National Science Foundation (NSF)(6/15/13 - 5/31/18)
Bio-Hydrogen Generation in a Sequential Fermentation-Microbial Electrolysis System
NCSU Faculty Research & Professional Development Fund(7/01/12 - 6/30/13)
Nozzle design and fluid dynamics for algal cell disruption and lipid extraction
NCSU Research and Innovation Seed Funding Program(7/01/12 - 6/30/13)
EAGER/Collaborative Research: Solid Freeform Fabrication of a Conceptual Artificial Photosynthesis Device
National Science Foundation (NSF)(1/01/12 - 7/31/13)
CAREER: Multi-Scale Structured Solid Carriers Enabling Algae Biofuel Manufacturing in the Ocean
National Science Foundation (NSF)(6/01/12 - 6/30/18)
Value-Added Utilization of Biochar in Syngas Cleanup and Conditioning
US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA)(1/01/12 - 10/15/14)
Evaluation of the Potential of Big Bluestem for Biofuel Production
US Dept. of Transportation (DOT)(1/01/12 - 6/30/13)