Ratna Sharma-Shivappa

Lecturer - Distant Education

Adjunct Associate Professor

Research Description

Research Interests: Production of biofuels and value added products from biological substrates such as agricultural and food processing residues. Extraction and production of antimicrobial compounds for application in food safety.


Engineering Evaluation and Support for the Processing of Sweetpotatoes into Value-Added Products
Carolina Innovative Food Ingredients, Inc.(9/01/14 - 12/31/18)
Catalytic Oxidation of Lignin Into Value-Added Aromatics - CBERD Core Project
Center for Bioenergy Research and Development (CBERD) - NCSU Research Site(1/01/12 - 12/31/13)
Development of Novel Oxidative Pretreatment Technologies for Llignocellulosic Ethanol Production - CBERD Core Project
Center for Bioenergy Research and Development (CBERD) - NCSU Research Site(5/01/10 - 12/31/12)
Novel pretreatment methods for conversion of miscanthus grass to bioethanol
US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA)(8/24/09 - 9/30/10)
Energy Canes: Ideal Fuelstocks For North Carolina's Diverse Energy Needs
State of North Carolina(4/30/09 - 2/29/12)
Sustainable Livestock Production Practices through Stakeholder Partnerships: Lessons with India
US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA)(7/01/08 - 6/30/13)
Enhancing Competitiveness of NC Biodiesel Producers Through Value-Added Enzymatic Processing of Waste Glycerol and Low Value Oils
University of North Carolina System Office (formerly UNC - General Administration)(12/03/07 - 6/30/09)
A Study of Potential Processes for Conversion of Cotton Stalks and Cotton Gin Waste to Bioethanol
Cotton, Inc. (No pre-award costs/accounts allowed)(1/01/06 - 12/31/06)
Pilot Plant to Enhance Sustainable Conversion of Biomass to Ethanol Fuels in NC
Golden Leaf Foundation(4/09/07 - 5/01/15)
Opportunities For Biofuel Feedstock at the Neuse River Wastewater Treatment Plant
NCSU-WRRI Urban Water Consortium(8/01/06 - 12/31/08)