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Dr. Garry Grabow, P.E. has expertise in land application of animal and industrial wastewater, irrigation systems and irrigation water management, and water quality monitoring. He provides training to operators of animal waste systems and operators of surface irrigation systems for land application of waste, and also to certified irrigation contractors.

Dr. Grabow’s research interests include irrigation water management, land application of waste and water quality impacts of various land application systems. Grabow is involved in applied research projects that are evaluating the effectiveness of several different “smart” irrigation technologies in turfgrass in both research and homeowner settings. He is also involved in a study that is evaluation the effectiveness of chlorination technologies to disinfect irrigation water for use on fresh produce. He has also led research in subsurface irrigation systems for use in both freshwater and wastewater applications.

Prior to coming to NC State, Dr. Grabow worked for an irrigation district in California and spent 10 years in private water resources consulting. He has previous experience with international consulting including water reuse projects in the Middle East.

Dr. Grabow work with industry has been recognized by the NC Cooperative Extension Foundation and awarded the NC State Grange Search for Excellence Award in 2011. Dr. Grabow serves as Technical Advisor to the North Carolina Irrigation Society and is the UNC University System appointed member to the North Carolina Irrigation Contractor’s Licensing Board.


Ph.D. 1993

Agricultural Engineering

University of Tennessee

M.S. 1984

Irrigation Science

Utah State University

B.S. 1979

Soil and Water Science

University of California

Research Description

Irrigation systems for wastewater, agricultural lands and turfgrass, irrigation water management

Honors and Awards

  • Carolinas Irrigation Association (CIA) Ron Sneed Award, 2016
  • NC Irrigation Award, 2013
  • NC State Grange Search for Excellence Award from NC Extension, 2011


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