Poster Presentations

Below is the listing of posters that will be presented at this year’s conference:


1P. Evaluation of Submerged Mini Jet Erosion Test to Estimate Stream Bank Stability in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina
Melonie Allen, NC DEQ DMS
2P. Raining – Regional Curves in the SE and Beyond
David Bidelspach, 5SSR/RiverSHARED
3P. Living Erosion Pins – Streambank and Hillslope Erosion Rate Assessments using Exposed Tree Roots
Bryan Dick, Freese and Nichols
4P. Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance: Monitoring and Analysis in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina
Simon Gregg, North Carolina State Univesity – Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department
5P. Kinsey Run Brook Trout Restoration Project
Bryan Hofmann, Friends of the Rappahannock
6P. The Challenge of Nutrient Loading Reduction to Eutrophic Greenfield Lake, N.C.
Michael Mallin, University of North Carolina Wilmington
7P. Ecological Amnesia: A Historical Perspective on Streams and Floodplains – Don’t Believe Everything You Think
Scott McGill, Ecotone, Inc.
8P. Environmental Assessment of Rivers
Iveth Navrro Torres, Universidad de Ibagué
9P. Identification and assessment of stream processes within the Catalpa Creek in Mississippi
John Ramirez-Avila, Mississippi State University
10P. Sensitivity Analysis of Parameters Collected in Modified BEHI Assessment of Streambank Stability
Dawn Salley, University of North Carolina at Charlotte