Call for Oral and Poster Abstracts

2018 Ecostream Theme: Evolving from Two Decades of Lessons Learned to Meet Future Challenges

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The 2018 EcoStream Conference will focus on improving future restoration efforts through evaluating lessons learned; adaptive management; and innovations in restoration design, planning, management, and monitoring. The EcoStream Conference Planning Committee is currently seeking abstracts for oral and poster presentations. Deadline to submit abstracts is March 1, 2018. Topic areas being considered are:

  • Identifying and Assessing Failure Modes
  • Emerging Threats to Streams
  • Hyporheic Zone Science and Function
  •  Municipal Stream Restoration Programs and Approaches
  •  Integration of Municipal MS4/NPDES Permit Compliance and Urban Stream Restoration Practices
  • Flood Management and Extreme Event Considerations
  • Quantitative Approaches for Measuring and Monitoring Streambank Erosion and Sediment Loads
  •  Sediment Transport Analysis
  • Stream Barrier Removal
  • Approaches for Conversion of Ponds to Stream/Wetland Complexes
  • Optimizing Restoration Outcomes of Stream Mitigation
  •  Alternative Mitigation Scenarios
  • Stream Restoration Monitoring, Data Management and Analysis
  •  Investigations of Stream Form and Function
  • Community Engagement
  •  Emerging Technologies
  •  Habitat or Species-Focused Restoration (e.g. fish, mussels, macroinvertebrates, hellbender, etc.)
  •  Vegetation for Long-Term Success
  • Monitoring of Physicochemical and Biological Stream Functions
  • Site Selection to Maximize Project Success

Call for Special Session Submission: What is your worst restoration mistake?

With the focus of the conference on using lessons learned from the past 20 years of restoration efforts to help guide us in addressing the future challenges of stream restoration in the southeast region, we invite project designers, managers and contractors to share their worst stream restoration design or implementation decision made. The winner will receive a PRIZE based on audience voting. Please use the abstract submission link to submit your story.

Call for Proposals for Special Sessions

The EcoStream Conference Planning Committee is also seeking proposals for Special Sessions. A Special Session will present a relevant and timely subject, with researchers and practitioners discussing their work. Special Sessions will be concurrent oral sessions with three or four presentations per session covering 60 minutes.

Those interested in organizing and moderating a Special Session are requested to submit the information outlined below by March 1, 2018. Approved sessions will need to submit formal abstracts for each of the participants by June 1, 2018. Submissions must be e-mailed to bdoll@ncsu.edu. Submission information should include:

  • Title of proposed Special Session
  • A description (limited to 300 words) stating the importance of the topic and the rationale for the proposed session
  • If it is proposed that the special session cover more than 60 minutes, an explanation of the need for the extended period
  • Organizer(s), including brief biography and contact information
  • List of potential presenters and proposed titles of abstracts