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Professional Development

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How about enhancing your resume even further?  Our Distance Education offerings can help.



The professional development courses listed below are provided at different times of the year and earn Professional Development Hours (PDH). Please look for posted dates on the Workshop pages.

NOTE: Please be aware that the number of credits can change. The information below is a general sample of what can be earned.

Continuing Education Credit Courses

Please look for current courses on the Workshop pages.

Seasonal Opportunities:

Irrigation Systems

  • Selection, Installation and Programming of Smart Irrigation Controllers = 5 contact hours for Irrigation Contractors
  • Irrigation System Auditing = 5 contact hours

Photo: contractor trainingStream Restoration

  • RC 101 Stream Morphology Assessment = 16 PDHs
  • RC 201 Natural Channel Design Principles = 16 PDHs
  • RC 131 Assessment and Identification of Riparian Vegetation = 10 CEUs for Landscape Architects
  • RC 302 HEC-RAS for Stream Restoration = 15 PDHs
  • RC 435 Management of Invasive and Exotic Vegetation in Reparian Areas = 6 CEUs for Landscape Architects

Offered several times a year:

Erosion & Sediment Control / Stormwater Certification for NCDOT Projects

  • Level I = 4 PDHs
  • Level II = 6 PDHs
  • Level III = 7 PDHs

Stormwater and Low Impact Development Training

  • Stormwater BMP Inspection & Maintenance Certification = 7 PDHs
  • Stormwater BMP Inspection & Maintenance UPDATE = 4 PDHs
  • Stormwater / Bioretention Design Workshop = 10 PDHs
  • Stormwater Wetland Design = 7 PDHs for PEs; 6 CEUs for Landscape Architects
  • Rainwater and Stormwater Harvesting Workshop = 6.5 PDHs
  • RG 201: Residential Rain Garden Certification for Professionals = 8 CEUs for Landscape Architects
  • Low Impact Development FastTrack Certifications
    • Introduction to LID and LEED = 9 PDHs, 9 CEUs, 10 PDHs for Planners (AICP), 4 for Real Estate Agents
    • Integrating, LID and Policy = 6 PDHs, 6 CEUs, 7 PDHs for Planners (AICP) 4 for Real Estate Agents
    • LID & Traditional Neighborhood Development = 6 PDHs for PEs, 7 PDHs for Planners, 6 CEUs for Landscape Architects, 4 for Real Estate Agents
  • Check also Society annual meetings, symposiums and conferences for possible PDH hours. Some are listed at the end of the workshops page.

NOTE: Please be aware that the number of credits can change. The above is a general sample of what can be earned

Updated 5/2012