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Graduate Education Options

Photo: Students attend a ncsu training course

Did you know?

That BAE is a leader in environmental engineering expertise?  Move your career forward with our help.


Graduate Credit


Our graduate certificate in the Design and Analysis of Environmental Systems: Watershed Analysis and Restoration is design for professionals who need graduate coursework focused on environmental engineering issues.  It is designed to be completed on-line.


We offer a non-thesis Master's, the MBAE, for those who want an advanced degree but who do not need research experience. This is an excellent way to improve your academic resume and make yourself more valuable to your employer.


Our MS is a thesis-based Master's designed to provide an excellent starting point for a career in research.


Interested in becoming a research leader in your field?  The PhD is the vehicle to accomplish that.  Designed for those who wish to conduct independent research, it is also an important credential for those interested in making policy and interpreting research results.


If an organized program doesn't suit your needs, consider our courses, individually or in groups.