North Carolina Irrigation Society Inc.

A society to promote and advance irrigation education and technology practices

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This is where North Carolina irrigators get the resources they need to be successful. The society offers members additional resources, training and networking opportunities.

When was NCISI started and why?


drip irrigationThe North Carolina Irrigation Society was established in
1964 for the purpose of promoting irrigation through sound practices and to promote good understanding of irrigation. Since then the society has provided a forum for addressing irrigation related issues in North Carolina through annual conferences and business meetings. The organization desires to keep interested parties informed and to promote education and special training for everyone associated with the manufacture, distribution, installation and application of modern agricultural irrigation equipment. The North Carolina Irrigation Society is a non-profit organization and a member society of the Irrigation Association.

Why is irrigation important?

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bad irrigationAvailability of water is essential to the production of food, Today, irrigation covers about 20 percent of the world's cropland, and it contributes 40 percent of total food production. Irrigated agriculture is responsible for approximately 70 percent of all the freshwater withdrawn in the world, and more water will be used for irrigation in the future, as world food production continues to increase to meet demand. The challenge for irrigated agriculture today is to contribute to the world's food production and improvement of food security through a more efficient, cleaner and integrated use of water.

What services does the society provide?

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Graphic art: green arrow to linkEducational workshops that offer continuing education opportunities for our members and their clients and customers

Graphic art: green arrow to linkA scholarship program and conference to promote efficient irrigation practices

What are the objectives of the Irrigation Society?

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  • Promote the development, proper design, use and acceptance of irrigation in the state.
  • Promote soil and water conservation, to increase yields and to improve the quality of crops through the use of irrigation.
  • Collect and disseminate information regarding irrigation to members of the society, allied industries, organization, agencies and the general public through workshops, field days, tours, shows, and the distribution of educational materials.
  • Promote a spirit of cooperation among organization, institutions and agencies concerning problems confronting the irrigation industry, making sure not to compromise the interests of irrigators and the policies of the Society.
  • Promote a better relationship with lending institutions to insure adequate financing or irrigation systems.
  • Monitor laws, policies, regulations, rules, procedures and decisions that might affect the irrigation industry and to suggest changes to insure a viable irrigation industry.
  • Promote a wholesome relationship among all segments of the industry through high standards of business ethics and equitable trade practices for the ultimate benefit of the consumer.