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Certification Description

Stormwater BMP Inspection & Maintenance

  • This certification is awarded by NC State University Cooperative Extension and is housed in the Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department.
  • To receive the certification, attendees must attend the workshop and then receive a score of at least 80% on an examination. Participants have up to 2 hours to complete the exam, which includes approximately 50 multiple choice, true or false, and short answer questions. All exams are graded by NC Cooperative Extension faculty.
  • The certification lasts for up to 3 years (the remaining portion of the year in which the class is taken, plus the following 2 years). All certifications last until December 31st of a given year.
  • To continue the certification beyond the original 3 years, certified professionals must attend Update courses that will be offered throughout North Carolina. There are two options for recertification classes, classroom-based and field-based, and there is NO re-examination associated with the 5 hour Update courses. The recertification lasts an additional 3 years. To qualify for the Update course to receive recertification, certifications must be current or have expired within the last 2 years. Participants whose certifications expired over 2 years ago must retake the regular class and exam.
  • Communities in North Carolina may either require or recommend this certification of people who conduct maintenance on and/or inspect stormwater management practices. The state of North Carolina's NC DENR endorses, but does not require, this certification.
  • The certification is NOT intended to be a replacement for professional licensure (like PE or RLA), and is only a supplement to those rigorous professional licenses.

Typical Agenda

Day 1 - 8:30am - 4:30pm Day 2 - 8:30am - 2:30pm
Registration and Welcome Welcome
1. Introduction to Stormwater 1. Level Spreader Maintenance
2. Watersheds 2. Green BMPs Maintenance
Swales, Green Roofs, Cisterns, Infiltration Trenches
3. Stormwater Regulations 3. Parking Lot BMPs
Permeable Pavement, Sand Filters, and Propietary Systems
4. BMP Functions 4. Final BMP Question & Answer
5. Elements of BMP Maintenance 5. Examination
6. Retention Pond Maintenance  
7. Wetland Maintenance  
8. Bioretention Maintenance  
9. Licensing and Certification  
10. Field Tour of Local BMPs