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 1. How do I use the command-line ftp program?

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1. How do I use the command-line ftp program?
FTP (File Transfer Program) has been implemented on both the UNIX and NT workstations as a command-line program. (There are also other 3rd party software implementations that use graphical interfaces and are much easier to use but are not supported by NCSU.)  FTP is started at either the UNIX of NT command prompt.  For most functions there is no difference between NT and UNIX implementations
At the command prompt, type:
unity% ftp
Once you've told the FTP program where to connect you will be prompted for your user id and password.  If you are connecting to then this is your UNITY password and id.  If you are connecting to a foreign system DO NOT use your UNITY id and password as the other system may put that information in its system log, creating a record of that info accessible to others.  If you do not have an account on a system you are connecting to, there is a default account you may be able to use named anonymous. Use anonymous as your username and your email address as your password.  The anonymous account is not always set up so do not be surprised if you are denied login.

If you are connecting to you UNITY account through ftp then you connect to your account by ftp'ing to the host After entering your UNITY id and password you will be connected to your home directory.

Now that you've connected to your home directory you have to bear in mind that you have to keep track of 2 different directory structures:

    1. The directory you are in on the remote host
    2. The directory you are in on your local computer
The directory you are in on the remote host defaults to your home directory.  You can change this directory using the cd command, just like at a regular command prompt.  For instance, you've just logged in to ftp.eos and you want to get a file out a a subdirectory of your home directory named MyDirectory.  You would
ftp> cd MyDirectory/
to access the contents of MyDirectory..

The directory you are in on the local host defaults to the directory you were in when you started the FTP program.  You can change this directory using the lcd (as in local change directory) command.   For NT/DOS users, if you want to change drive partitions, ( i.e. from C: to D:) simply type

ftp> lcd d:\  (changes to the D: drive -- make sure that the backslash is facing the correct direction as shown)
and then change directory using the lcd command as you normally would.

Now that you've established that you are in the right directories on both the local and remote systems you are now ready to start transferring files.  FTP has 2 different transfer modes for different file types.  If you are transferring text files you will use ascii transfer mode.  At the ftp command prompt type:

ftp> ascii
If you are transferring executable program files you will need to be in binary mode. At the ftp command prompt type:
ftp> binary
If you transfer an executable file in ascii mode it will be unusable and you will need to re-transfer it in binary mode.

To move files from one computer to another you use 2 pairs of commands:  get and  mget, put and mput.  The get commands move files from the remote computer and download them to the local computer.  The put commands upload files from the local computer to the remote computer.

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