Stormwater Engineering Team
Full-Time Faculty and Staff

Bill Hunt, Ph.D., P.E.

Bill Hunt in New ZealandDr. William F. Hunt ("Bill") is actively involved with Best Management Practices (BMP) research in the Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department and is the leader of the Stormwater Engineering Research Group. He is a Professor, Extension Specialist, & University Faculty Scholar. He is an active member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE), where he has many committee leadership roles. Hunt conducts 20-25 workshops and other training events per year across NC and the USA. In 2010-11, he was an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Auckland in New Zealand and in 2012, a CUGE Research Fellow for Singapore National Parks.

He has two B.S. (Civil Engineering and Economics) and one M.S. (Biological and Agricultural Engineering) degrees from NC State. Bill received his Ph.D. from Penn State in 2003.

The only topics Bill loves more than stormwater are his family (wife Julia, children Bill, Joseph, Charlie, and Claire), travelling and Wolfpack sports (actually, Wolfpack sports are a love-hate relationship).

Andrew Anderson, E.I.

Andrew AndersonAndrew was born and raised in Bellevue, Nebraska. He attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), receiving his B.S. in Biological Systems Engineering. He went on to receive his M.S. at UNL in Environmental Engineering with a minor in water resources management and planning. Andrew's masters research with the UNL Stormwater Management Team focused on the development of a mobile runoff simulator to evaluate rain gardens in Lincoln, Nebraska, with additional experience working on an extension publication. As a new member of the BAE Stormwater Group, Andrew will work on the Rain Garden Certification program among other extension duties, be the lead on various research projects, design stormwater BMPs, and aid in graduate student project development.

In his spare time, Andrew loves anything outdoors including hiking, kayaking, tennis, running, and biking. When he's not outside, he likes to read, strum some guitar, and go on concert road trips with his girlfriend Cassie. Growing up in Nebraska nurtured a natural passion for college football. Andrew is a proud lifelong member of Husker Nation and can be seen chanting "Go Big Red" most fall Saturdays. .
Jon Page, E.I.

Jon Page with FishJon Page (JP) graduated from NC State with a B.S. in Civil Engineering in 2009 and an M.S. in Bio & Ag Engineering in 2013.. He joined the Stormwater Engineering Group in January 2011 after living and working tin Ethiopia for a year with his wife, Sarah Margaret. While in Ethiopia he installed and evaluated the field performance of appropriate irrigation technologies for farmers.

JP studied a retrofitted “green street” in Wilmington, NC where the effects of bioretention, permeable pavements and tree filter systems on runoff quality and quantity were evaluated at a watershed scale. He now manages multiple projects across North Carolina and in California.

Born and raised in South Carolina’s Low Country, JP has an affinity for all things saltwater. He particularly enjoys chasing fish, hunting waterfowl and preparing seafood.

Ryan Winston, PE

Ryan Winston - A Ramblin' ManRyan Winston grew up in the small, rural town of Parrish, Florida, and attended the University of Florida in Gainesville. After a short stint in mechanical engineering, Ryan majored in Agricultural and Biological Engineering with dual concentrations in Biological and Land and Water Resources Engineering, earning his B.S. 2007. Ryan then joined the BAE stormwater team in August 2007 to pursue his M.S. under Dr. Hunt. Ryan researched the water quality and quantity benefits of the level spreader, a stormwater device used to create sheet flow into riparian buffers, completing his M.S. degree in June 2009. 

As Extension Associate, Ryan now works with a variety of projects including water harvesting systems, level spreader-vegetated filter strips, and linear wetlands. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys travelling, spending time with family, golfing, hiking, biking, and camping. Being a proud gator fan, he enjoys watching UF win national championships in various sports. He calmly awaits similar success for the Wolfpack!

Shawn Kennedy

Photo of Shawn KennedyShawn has been a Research Technician with the BAE Sormwater Group since November of 2005, and he has been enjoying every minute! He is open to all manner of problem solving, be it wet or dry, and strives to find order in the great chaos.

Shawn attended the Central CT State University, Trinity College of Hartford, and the University of Connecticut, where he studied graphic design, illustration, photography, printmaking, entomology, and technical theater.

When he isn't bottling the latest stormwater composite sample, fiddling with a voltmeter, identifying insects, playing disc golf, bass guitar, or knitting socks, Shawn will be at home with his wife Luma, making a big batch of makloube!

Part-Time Faculty and Staff
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Dan Line, PE

Photo of Dan LineDan has worked as an Extension Specialist in the NCSU Water Quality Group of the Biological and Agricultural Engineering Dept. since 1991. He holds BS and MS degrees in Agricultural Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University. His research has involved modeling, monitoring, and mitigating nonpoint source pollution that originates from both agricultural and urban sources. More recently his work has the focused on monitoring and mitigating urban stormwater, including evaluating the effectiveness of Low Impact Development (LID).

When he isn’t wrestling with monitoring equipment and data, Dan enjoys spending time with family and being outdoors golfing or hunting.

Affiliated Faculty Members
Several faculty with related programs interface with the Stormwater Engineering Group
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Dr. Francois Birgand - Directs BAE's Ecological Engineering Research Group.
Dr. Mike Burchell, EI - Ecosystem and Wetland Restoration Specialist. Coastal Stormwater Management.
Dr. Garry Grabow, PE - Irrigation Applied Research and Extension.
Dr. Deanna Osmond - Soil Science Department Extension Leader.
Graduate Students
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Adrienne Cizek, E.I. (Ph.D. Candidate, class of 2014)

Adrienne Cizek joins the stormwater team as a Ph.D. candidate under the direction of Dr. Bill Hunt. Adrienne Cizek Adrienne received her undergraduate degree in environmental engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She continued her education in the School of Public Health at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, where she researched microbial partitioning to settleable particles in stormwater runoff. Upon graduation, Adrienne worked as an engineer at Integrated Water Strategies (Apex, NC) where she designed treatment gardens for water reuse. Additionally, Adrienne has worked internationally on drinking water and water reuse projects in Rwanda, Peru, and Haiti. Although she thoroughly enjoys engineering design, Adrienne desires to contribute to research which will provide engineers with more nature-based options for managing stormwater. Her research at NC State involves examining the treatment efficiencies and additional ecosystem benefits provided by regenerative stormwater conveyance (RSC) systems. In her free time, Adrienne enjoyes working in her garden with her husband, Paul, and daughter, Geneva.
Laura Merriman, E.I. (Ph.D. Candidate, class of 2015)

Laura Merriman snorkelingLaura Merriman grew up in the booming metropolis of Holdenville, OK, and attended Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. After dabbling in a couple engineering disciplines, she found her passion in the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering department where she earned her B.S. in the Environmental and Natural Resources option in 2011. During her undergraduate career at OK State, Laura researched the leaching potential of phosphorus in alluvial floodplains of the Ozark region of Oklahoma. She also had the opportunity to study the hydrology and nutrient removal potential of wetlands in the Lake Okeechobee and Everglades basins through an NSF-REU hosted by the University of Florida. Outside of university research, Laura has participated as a 6 Sigma Green Belt Engineering Intern with Caterpillar Inc. and worked in the Environmental Strategy and Climate Change groups at John Deere.

Under the excellent guidance of Dr. Bill Hunt, Laura is currently pursuing her M.S. degree. Her graduate work includes researching the nutrient removal mechanisms and ecosystem services development in constructed stormwater wetlands in the Piedmont and Coastal Plain regions of North Carolina.

Laura is an avid college football fan, especially of her beloved Cowboys, but under the direction of her advisor, her passion for Wolfpack basketball is growing every day. Additionally, Laura enjoys reading, cooking, fishing, playing music, hanging out with the Stormwater Team, and exploring the beautiful state of North Carolina!
Alessa Smolek, E.I. (Ph.D. Candidate, class of 2016)
Alessa Smolek

Originally from St. Augustine, FL, Alessa made the move north to Raleigh to join the Stormwater team in the summer of 2012.  Alessa completed her undergraduate degree from the University of Florida in Ag & Bio Engineering with a concentration in Land and Water Resources. Her undergraduate research focused on irrigation and drainage, which included comparing measured drawdown rates to their design rates in several dry retention ponds across North Central Florida. This work piqued her interest in stormwater research and ultimately led her to NC State. 

Under the direction of her wonderful advisor, she will be studying an “extreme” permeable pavement retrofit over tight, clay soils in Durham, NC and using DRAINMOD to model the hydrologic response from various permeable pavement configurations.  She is looking forward to learning all the ins and outs of stormwater BMP design and application!

As a seventh-generation Floridian and third-generation UF alum, Alessa enjoys spending her weekends cheering on the Gators in all of their athletic events. She also enjoys playing soccer and manages to spend only 6-8 hours a day obsessing over her dog.  A lover of camping and the outdoors, she is looking forward to exploring all the beauty North Carolina has to offer!

Jessie Fears, EI (M.S. Candidate, class of 2014)

Jessie FearsJessie Fears graduated from Ohio State University in 2012 with a B.S. in Environmental Science. Her undergraduate honors thesis focused on the impacts of lowhead dam removal on aquatic metabolism. She happily joined the Stormwater Engineering team in the fall of 2012 and is now pursuing her masters degree under the direction of Dr. Bill Hunt. At NCSU, Jessie will be studying the ability of a proprietary bioretention media to capture heavy metals from stormwater runoff.

Born in Greensboro, NC, Jessie feels at home in the great state of North Carolina. After moving to Cincinnati in 2000, she learned to love the state of Ohio as well and enjoys a good Skyline cheese coney once in a while! She also enjoys cooking, coffee, tea, biking, discovering new music, and exploring the outdoors. While Jessie continues to don Scarlet & Gray on gamedays, she has easily incorporated Red & White into her wardrobe as well...go Pack!

Joshua Baird, EI (M.S. Candidate, class of 2014)
Joshua BairdJoshua grew up in rural Eastern North Carolina and then  moved to Raleigh to attend NC State. He graduated in 2009 with a BS in  Zoology and worked for a contract research organization for three years before returning to NC State.

Joshua is currently pursuing a M.S. in Biological and Agricultural Engineering under Dr. Hunt. He hopes to utilize his background in biological sciences to develop stormwater management practices. Joshua is evaluating infiltrating wet ponds in Fayetteville, NC, where soil conditions affect the permeability of many wet ponds, barring them from classification as wet ponds or infiltration basins.

Joshua loves being outdoors, especially on the water. He enjoys water skiing, fishing, and some hunting. However, his favorite passion is scuba diving off North Carolina's coast. His favorite dives being those spearfishing on ledges. 
Natalie B. Carmen, EI (M.S. Candidate, class of 2014)

Natalie CarmenBorn and raised in Chapel Hill, NC, Natalie made the trek over the hill to Raleigh as an undergraduate student in NC State’s Design school, where she earned her Bachelor of Landscape Architecture in 2010. Before returning as a graduate student, Natalie interned at Kimley-Horn and Associates, and worked as Project Designer at Susan Hatchel Landscape Architecture, PLLC.

Many life experiences and passions led Natalie to pursue working under a world leader in stormwater with a highly talented team. As an undergraduate, she was heavily involved with the Caldwell Fellows Program and was enabled through its support to travel to Ghana, the Dominican Republic, and Ecuador. On her travels Natalie realized her interest in stormwater systems and how central they are to well-designed communities. She is excited to pair her design background with an engineering education in order to be better prepared to solve design challenges. Natalie’s master research is focused on infiltration rates of disconnected downspouts in the Dye Creek watershed in Durham, NC.

When Natalie is not visiting downspouts in Durham, she enjoys spending time with her husband Andrew, reading, sewing, running, cooking, and traveling. And have no fear, even though she was born a Tar Heel, she now bleeds Wolfpack Red and excitedly attends almost every football and basketball game.

Jacob Powell, EI (M.S. Candidate, class of 2015)

Jacob Powell

Jacob Powell graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.S. in Environmental Engineering in 2012. His undergraduate senior design project involved watershed assessment and design for stormwater management, which helped jump-start his interest in water resources engineering. Jacob made the move up to Raleigh, NC from Athens, GA in June of 2013 to join the Stormwater Engineering Group and is now pursuing his M.S. in Biological and Agricultural Engineering under the direction of Dr. Bill Hunt. At NC State, Jacob's research will be focused on determining the hydrologic and water quality benefits associated with retrofitting grass swales with check dams.

Jacob has lived in Ohio, Georgia, and Florida over the past 24 years and he now enjoys exploring his new home in North Carolina. Although a die-hard Georgia Bulldogs fan through and through, Jacob has gladly embraced becoming apart of the Wolfpack. In his free time, Jacob enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including watersports, fourwheeling, hiking, camping, going to football games, and playing basketball. Jacob looks forward to discovering all that the great State of North Carolina has to offer!

Jacob is excited to have been given the opportunity to work under Dr. Hunt and with a group of brilliant individuals as a part of the stormwater team. He looks forward to learning more about stormwater BMPs and for all of the learning experiences that this opportunity will provide.

Sarah Waickowski, EI

Sarah Waickowski

Sarah Waickowski grew up in the great town of Fellsmere, FL and attended the University of Florida. She earned her B.S. in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Water Resources in December 2012. Her interest in stormwater grew after competing in the Florida Water Environment Association (FWEA) Student Design competition. She helped to treat runoff from a bridge by designing the conveyance network and identifying the site's hydrologic characteristics. Sarah moved to Raleigh, NC and joined the Stormwater Engineering Group after completing her second internship with Duke Energy Progress at their Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant. She is pursuing her M.S. in Biological and Agricultural Engineering under the direction of Dr. Bill Hunt. At NC State, Sarah's research will focus on gross solids, or large particles, collected in catch basins throughout various municipalities in the Piedmont and Coastal regions. She hopes to identify the pollutant loadings associated with these particles and determine if removing them will help to treat stormwater. Sarah expects to find all sorts of treasures in her sampling adventures.

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys practicing yoga and exploring the great state of North Carolina. She is avid fan of baseball and roots for her beloved Boston Red Sox any chance she can get. Although she is a diehard Florida Gators fan, she has embraced the Wolfpack and welcomes the opportunity to beat the Florida State Seminoles twice in one athletic season!

Kevin Koryto, EI (M.S. Candidate, class of 2016)

Kevin Koryto

Hailing from the great state of Michigan, Kevin grew up in East Lansing, MI before walking across the street to complete his undergraduate degree in Biosystems Engineering at Michigan State University. During his undergraduate degree Kevin researched nutrient removal of aquatic plants, investigated soil moisture sensor accuracy during an REU at the University of Florida, and assisted in the creation of design plans for created forested wetland. These experiences advanced his interest in stormwater management and Kevin was set to come to Raleigh in 2011 to work with the Stormwater Team. However, 22 years in one town created the desire for a bigger move and Kevin spent the past 3 years teaching high school math as a Peace Corps volunteer in Lesotho followed by a stint teaching Algebra at a charter school in Denver, CO, experiences he loved, before finally making his way to Raleigh excited as ever in the Summer of 2014.

Under the direction of Dr. Hunt, Kevin is pursuing a M.S. in Biological and Agricultural Engineering. His research focus will be on evaluating the hydrologic and water quality benefits of a novel storm water control measure, regenerative stormwater conveyance, at a newly constructed site in Durham, NC. Kevin is excited to study a device that pushes stormwater management to new applications and integrates stream restoration processes. Enjoying everything outside, Kevin is excited to take advantage of the warm Raleigh weather and especially enjoys biking and running the Raleigh greenways. An avid college sports fan, Go State, is now the motto!

Charlie Stillwell, EI

Charlie Stillwell

Charlie was born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC, then at age nine moved to Cincinnati, OH. After high school, he moved to Philadelphia to attend Drexel University for civil engineering. As an undergrad, Charlie completed internships at a number of different companies, including URS, the Philadelphia Water Department, and Nave Newell, Inc. Charlie was first introduced to stormwater engineering while working with the Sustainable Water Resource Engineering Lab at Drexel. This experience was very rewarding, and encouraged Charlie to pursue a graduate degree at NCSU with the Stormwater Engineering Group.

Charlie's research project, under the guidance of Dr. Hunt, will attempt to measure the effectiveness of low impact development (LID). Ultimately, Charlie wants to investigate LID as a method of mimicking predevelopment hydrologic conditions. LID is an innovative technique which, in theory, minimizes environmental impacts to receiving surface waters. Charlie hopes that his research will provide insight on the relationship between site hydrology and receiving waterways.

Outside of school, Charlie loves all sports, especially watching football and playing soccer. Charlie also loves to travel, and has visited India, China, Japan, Italy, and most of the United States. He is excited to explore more new places, and has the next 4 years to discover all that North Carolina has to offer! In the photo, Charlie is doing his best Indiana Jones impression after hiking through Antelope Canyon…. In 2018, Charlie should be one step closer to imitating Dr. Jones – by earning a PhD degree (in engineering rather than archaeology, but close enough)!

Cooperating Extension Field Faculty
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Jim Burke
Natural Resources Agent
Jim is based in Gaston County.

Allen Caldwell
Former County Extension Director
Allen is based in Caldwell County and his subject areas include bioretention and rain gardens. His education background focuses on Horticulture and Community Development.

Eric Caldwell
County Extension Director
Eric is based in Transylvania County and his subject area focuses on watershed management. His education background focuses on Animal Science.

Charlotte Glen
Extension Agent
Charlotte is based in Pender County and her subject area focuses on rain gardens. Her education background focuses on Horticulture.

Wendi Hartup
Natural Resources Agent
Wendi is based in Forsyth County and her subject area focuses on urban stream quality and rain gardens. Her education background focuses on Aquatic Biology.

Craven Hudson
County Extension Director
Craven is based in Moore County and his subject area focuses on on-site wastewater and stormwater wetlands. His education background focuses on Forestry.

Bill Lord
Area Agent, Environmental Education
Bill is based in Franklin County and his subject areas include stormwater wetlands, bioretention, mosquito control, and BMP maintenance. His education background focuses on Horticulture and Entomology.

Seth Nagy
Agriculture Extension Agent
Seth is based in Caldwell County and his subject areas include rain garden and stormwater retrofits. His education background focuses on Animal Science.

Karen Neill
Horticulture Agent
Karen is based in Guilford County, and her subject subject area focuses on urban horticulture.

Wendy Patoprsty
Natural Resources/ Environmental Agent
Wendy is based in Watauga County, and her subject subject area focuses on stream restoration, watershed protection, and water quality sampling.

Lenny Rogers
County Extension Director
Lenny is based in Alexander County and his subject area is stormwater wetlands. His education background focuses on Plant Pathology.

Susan Ruiz-Evans
County Extension Director
Susan is based in Dare County and her subject subject area focuses on urban horticulture and coastal plant selection.

Mitch Woodward
Area Environmental Agent
Mitch is based in Wake County and subject areas include rain gardens, illicit discharge detection, and stormwater retrofits. His education background focuses on Agronomy.

Alumni of the BAE Stormwater Group
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Jonathan Smith, P.E., CPSWQ

Photo of Jonathan SmithTeam member from 2001-2006, Jonathan, or JTS, earned his BS degree in 1995 in BAE. He is currently employed as a project manager with TetraTech in RTP, NC. Jonathan is married to Rachel Golden Smith and resides in Raleigh.

Amy Moran Hathaway, EI

Photo of Amy HathawayTeam member from 2002-2004, Amy is the first graduate student of Dr. Hunt, earning her MS in 2004. Amy (Ames) is the water quality engineer for the City of Raleigh, and is married to a current Ph.D. candidate, Jon Hathaway, of the Stormwater Engineering Group.  Amy's research focuses on green roofs.

Kris Bass, PE

Photo of Kris Bass Kris received his Master of Science from NC State University's BAE Department in 2000; his research focused on the evaluation of wetland systems and water quality.

Kris has been a Water Quality Extension Associate at N.C. State University since the summer of 2003. His primary role involves providing engineering support for design and research projects at the department and Kris has worked on a variety of water quality projects including stormwater, stream and wetland restorations, and watershed studies. Kris has been an active part in the planning, design, and construction of constructed wetlands, stream restorations, marsh restorations, and innovative stormwater management systems.

Kris also has course and research experience with other types of constructed and restored wetlands, riparian buffers, drainage systems, and other water quality management practices. His current interests include advancing methods for stream and wetland restoration, watershed level application of water quality practices, and system approaches for stormwater treatment.

Eban Bean, PhD, EI

Photo of Eban BeanTeam member from 2003-2005, Eban received his M.S. in BAE in 2005. (He earlier earned his B.S. from the same department.) He went on to receive his PhD from the University of Florida.  Eban is married to Danielle Bean and the couple are proud parents of a future Wolfpacker, Zoe Elizabeth. Dr. Bean works with Geosyntec in Atlanta, GA. Eban's MS research was on permeable pavement.

Lucas Sharkey, PE

Photo of Lucas SharkeyTeam member from 2003- 2005, Mr. Sharkey earned his MS in BAE in 2006. Lucas, "the Shark," is currently employed with a water board in Sacramento, California.  Lucas's research focused on bioretention peformance.

Annette Lucas, PE

Photo of Annette LucasTeam member from 2003-2006, as an Extension Engineer, Annette is employed at the 401 Wetland Certification Unit (NC DENR). She is married to Jay Lucas and has two children. The Lucas family lives in Raleigh.

Lara Rozzell

Photo of Lara RozzellTeam member from 2005-2007, Ms. Rozzell was the group's resident biologist. Lara is now living in Idaho with her fiance exploring streams, peaks, and flowers.

Jennifer Johnson, PE

Photo of Jenn JohnsonTeam member from 2004-2006, Jenn (also known as "Forebay") graduated with her MS in 2007. Jenn now lives outside Boston, Mass., and works with Nitsch Engineering as an environmental engineer.  Jenn's research focused on wetlands and their associated forebays.

Tiffany Bright, PE

Photo of Tiffany BrightTeam member from 2005-2007, Tiffany (T-Bright) graduated with her MS in 2007. Tiffany, now lives in Cary, NC with her husband, Tim, and son Theodore and works with SAS, Inc. Tiffany's research was on a Dune Infiltration System.

Kelly Collins Lindow, PE

Photo of Kelly CollinsTeam member from 2005 to 2007, Kelly earned her MS in 2007.  Mrs. Lindow (also known as Q) now resides in Baltimore, MD, with her husband, Nick, and works for RK&K. Kelly's research focused on permeable pavement.

Mike Burchell, Ph.D., E.I.

Photo of Mike BurchellDr. Mike Burchell was formerly an Extension Assistant Professor in BAE, working part-time with the stormwater team on innovative infiltration systems and other coastal BMPs. Dr. Burchell is now an Assistant Professor in BAE at N.C. State University, and lives in Raleigh with his wife Kim.

Hayes Lenhart, PE

Photo of Hayes LemhartTeam member from 2006 to 2008, Hayes earned his MS in 2008. Hayes, commonly known as "Lenny" now resides in Denver, Colo., working with Wright Water Engineers. Hayes researched a stormwater wetland in River Bend, NC. 

Gabrielle Skipper, PE

Photo of Gabrielle SkipperGabrielle Skipper worked with  the Stormwater Team from 2006 to 2008. The consumate writer and den mother, "G-Skip" now gives orders in Camp Pendleton, California (as an engineer). Gabrielle evaluated a large watershed in Raleigh, NC, House Creek. 

Matthew Jones, Ph.D., PE

Photo of Matthew JonesMatthew Jones was the first Ph.D. recipient from the stormwater engineering group (2008). He started with us in May 2005 and was affectionately known as "Smarty" by his colleagues. Matthew is now employed in Raleigh, NC, by Hazen and Sawyer, after specializing in cold water BMP design. He lives in Raleigh with his wife Lindsay.

Jason Wright, PE

Photo of Jason WrightTeam member from 2006-2009 as Extension Engineer, Jason Wright now is employed in the RTP office of Tetra Tech. "The Tank" reported returned from San Diego to better partake in the revival of Wolfpack Basketball.. 

Ryan Smith, P.E.

Photo of Ryan SmithMr. Smith worked an Extension Associate from 2005 through 2009.  He focuses primarily on low impact development and stormwater BMP design and installation. Ryan now works with Moffatt & Nichol, Raleigh, NC and lives with his wife, Staci, and daughter, Ziva, in Raleigh, NC.

Jackie McNett Corbin, PE
Photo of Jackie McNett
Jackie ("McFlurry") was an MS student from 2008 through 2010, when she was well known for being susceptible to jokes (like the dangers of "forebay spiders"). She was also extremely productive accounting for three journal articles and providing plenty of good humor. Jackie is now employed at the University of Michigan as the NPDES Permit Compliance Officer, with her husband Evan. She is a Spartan spy.
Jon Hathaway, PE, PhD

Photo of Jon HathawayThe team's 2nd Ph.D. graduate, Jon ("J-Hath") is one of the most beloved members of the stormwater family. His quick wit and somewhat pessimistic humor made all gatherings lively. Jon focused his PhD efforts on pathogen indicator species presence in and removal from stormwater. Jon is now an Assistat Professor at the University of Tennessee's Civil & Environmental Engineering Departmnt in Knoxville, where he lives with his wife, Amy Moran Hathaway, and daughter, Quinn.

Photo of Rob Brown.Robert Brown, Ph.D., EI

Rob ("Big Brown") received his PhD in 2011 with work that married copious amounts of bioretention field data collection with the model DRAINMOD. Dr. Brown received his MBAE and PhD degrees in Raleigh and currently resides in Patterson, NJ, with his lovely wife and BAE alumna, Jessica Roberts Brown. Rob is lending his Penn State and NC State know-how to the federal government, as he's an ORISE scholar with USEPA in Edison, NJ.

Erica Tillinghast, EIErica Tillinghast

Erica T. (the hearthrob of Dr. Hunt's eldest son), came to NCSU from Villanova. A rabid sports junkie and Yankees fan, "Miss Erica" now lives in Brookline, Mass., where she works with Geosyntec (and secretly roots for New York). Erica received her MS degree in 2011 with a research focus on marrying stormwater treatment with "healthy"  stream discharge rates.

Stacy LuellStacy Luell, PE

Stacy Luell ("Big Lu") came to Raleigh by way of Clemson, SC. Her humor graced the stormwater team for 2 years, until she graduated with her MS in 2011. During this time she became a rap star. Stacy's other love was DOT stormwater retrofitting, with a specific focus on bioretention and swales. Stacy currently lives in Los Angeles, where she is employed by Geosyntec.

Erica Petre, PEErica Petre

Erica came to Raleigh by way of consulting and Penn State, continuing a fine Nittany Lion-Wolfpack tradtion. Erica's focus area was level spreader-vegetated filter strip systems. Upon graduating in 2011, Erica moved to Moline, Illinois, with her husband Luke, where she works with John Deere as an environmental specialist.


Trisha MooPhoto of Trisha Moorere, Ph.D., EI

Dr. Moore ("TLC") received her Ph.D. from NCSU BAE in 2011. After completing two degrees at Kansas State, Trish's research focus married stormwater control techonologies with ecosystem services. Upon graduating, she and her husband, Joe, ran all the way to Minneapolis (hey, they're both track stars), where she currently works as a Post-Doc with John Gulliver at the University of Minnesota.

Natalie Bouchard, EINatalie Bouchard

Natalie (Natty-Lite), a Great Girl from the Great Lakes received her MS from NC State in 2012. A proud alumna of Michigan State, Natalie now lives in Asheville, NC, working for Altamont Environmental. Known for her infectious laugh and fashionably late arrival times, Natalie took approximately 700,000 soil cores as she determined the amount of carbon stored along NC's divided highways.
Brad_WardynskiBrad Wardynski, EI

Brad (B-Dub) was a fabled Jedi Master of the Stormwater Team, in addition to studying how well bioretention systems are installed and whether sumps in the bottom of permeable pavement improve that practice's performance. Brad recevied his BS at Michigan State. Upon receiving his MS from NC State in 2012, Brad took his Jedi talents to Tetra Tech and works out of their RTP office. Brad resides in Raleigh with his wife Jamie.
Corinne Dumonceau Wilson, E.I.

Corinne DumonceauCorinne graduated in May 2013 with her M.S. in Biological and Agricultural Engineering after studying low impact development (LID) at a grocery store in North Raleigh. Mrs. Wilson is now happily employed at Hazen and Sawyer in Raleigh, where is able to continue pulling for the Pack with her devoted husband, Greg. The team greatly misses the copious quantities of sweets that she and her office mate Laura baked seeminly every other week. 

Kathy DeBusk, Ph.D., PE

Photo of Kathy DeBuskKathy lent her Southern Charm to the Stormwater team from 2008 to 2013, during which time she worked as an Extension Associate and then become a Ph.D. candidate. Dr. DeBusk became the state's expert in innovative design configurations of rainwater harvesting systems. She has since taken her considerable talents back to her home state of Virgina, where she is an Assistant Professor at Longwood University. Kathy received her B.S. and M.S. degrees in Biological Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech and is a registered Professional Engineer. She happily lives in South-Central VA with her fiance, Kyle, and multiple canines.