Villanova USP NCSU Stormwater Group University of Maryland

LID-MARC Mission

Provide research-based recommendations to government and industry on LID stormwater practices, including bioretention and bioinfiltration. Work conducted by the partnership will range from the fundamental to the applied practical and will be able to focus on a variety of land uses and climate conditions found among the Mid-Atlantic States.

The extended LID-MARC mission statement is available for download in pdf format.

The LID-MARC is composed of the following universities:

  • University of Maryland - Dept of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • North Carolina State University - Dept. of Biological and Agricultural Engineering
  • Villanova University - Dept of Civil Engineering

Joint Training Events


Current Research

The LID partnership has recently conducted or is currently investigating:

  • Bioretention and Bioinfiltration Hydrology
  • Bioretention and Bioinfiltration Impacts on Nutrients, Metals, Sediment, Temperature, and Pathogens
  • Alternative Engineered Fill Media
  • Laboratory and Applied Field Studies
  • Permeable Pavement, Green Roofs, and other LID Technologies

The partnership was issued a grant by The Cooperative Institute for Coastal and Estuarine Environmental Technology (CICEET):

  • Project Title: Watershed Impact of Stormwater Bioretention and Bioinfiltration BMPs
  • Date of Project: September 2007 to September 2009
  • Funding: $442,787
  • Project Abstract

LID-MARC Articles

Public Interest: Bioretention and Bioinfiltration BMPs by R.G. Traver, A.P. Davis, and W.F. Hunt in the October 2007 edition of Stormwater.