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Youth Science & Engineering Programs

Learning is made especially attractive to youngsters K-12 when they are involved in hands-on activities. Hands-on activities are the key factor that make youth programs tick. These programs encourage youth to challenge themselves, learn more, and prepare for science education and biological and agricultural studies.

"We bring engineering to Life"

We are proud our youth programs exemplify the department's motto "We Bringing Engineering to Life" as "We bring youth to life with science and technology programs". The department administers the long standing 4-H program in electricity and provides summer pre-college workshop through the College of Engineering where youth explore topics in Biological and Agricultural Engineering.

teaching electricity in 1937 through extension electrification programs. Photo shows a car pulled trailer used as a mobile unit traveling to rural areas to demonstrate the various used for home and farm electricity.
At the 4-H Electric Congress youth assemble
an electric project to test what they have
learned about electricity in the 4-H program.

4-H Program:

The department supports the state of North Carolina's County 4-H organization with several programs. The 4-H Electric Program enjoys very high participation throughout North Carolina. A highlight of the program is the 4-H Electric Congress which the department plans and coordinates yearly. The Congress brings 4-H'ers from counties all over this state together for a three day program focusing on electrification. Attendance at the congress is an earned opportunity for 4-H'ers who have successful completed a set of county-wide electric activities.

The 4-H Electric program is a dynamic program as is evidenced by complementary funding and support from grants and contracts. However, the biggest factor for the success of the program is the willingness of ordinary N. C. citizens to donate countless hours of adult guidance, teaching, and supervision.



teaching electricity in 1937 using a traveling mobile unit to demonstrate home and farm electricity in rural areas.
This group of high school students
get wet in a stream while learning
the about the tools used to gather
information about the stream.

Engineering High School Summer Programs

Our department participates in offering three pre-college workshops that build skills and critical thinking in areas that support agriculture and engineering for society’s needs. Programs are offered through the College of Engineering - Engineering High School Summer Programs. Through hands-on workshops students see the bigger picture of where there High School science studies can lead and the hands-on workshops create awareness of aspects in Biological and Agricultural Engineering.

BAE offers workshops in:

  • Bioprocessing
  • Environmental
  • Biofuels & Engine Cycles

Note the subject of summer workshops may change each year.


FFA Ag. Mechanics Contest

This department's is proud to host the FAA (Future Farmers of America) yearly spring contest in the area of Ag. Mechanics. This contest brings youth from mostly rural agricultural communities to the department to spend a day in a university setting. The various competitions are serious business for these youth who belong to the many N. C. county chapters of FFA. They participate in hands-on and written competitions utilizing Weaver Labs facilities. For future students who are interested in the Bio & Ag Agricultural Engineering Program this is a good orginization to belong to.