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Scholarship and Giving

Thank You to our donorsThe department is very grateful to those who have so generously supported Bio & Ag's deserving scholars through the years. One of the main elements of a strong and vibrant department is that it is a financially supported one. Funds help us to develop quality programs and challenged students.

If you are interested in giving please refer to the below list of department scholarships & fellowships and also to the activity opportunities needing yearly financial support to be successful.
No amount of support is insignificant.

go to application information pageGraduate Students should also see grad school financial information and department assistantships

photo of Dr. Kriz and his wife

Dr. Kriz and wife Rhoda established a number of CALS endowments including the establishment of a Distinguished Professorship in Bio & Ag.

Mr. Suggs awarding recipientDr. Skaggs and his wife Judy signing the Wayne and Judy Skaggs Endowment for Water Resources and the Hydrology of Poorly Drained Lands Nov. 2012.

Dr. Johnson and his wifeDr. Johnson and his wife Glenda at the endowment signing that will provide graduate student stipends.

Photo Mr. Blumb standing with award recipientMr. Blum and his student recipient.

Mr. and Mrs Sneed Mr. Ronald Sneed and his wife established the Ronald. E. Sneed NC Irrigation Society undergraduate scholarship.

Mrs. Beasley awarding ScholarshipMrs. Dot Beasley and Mr. Bynum Driggers awarding the Eustace O. Beasley Scholarship Endowment.

Mr. Suggs awarding recipientCharles W. Suggs with his award recipient.

Mrs Hassler withe recipients of Fellowship EndowmentMrs. Hassler (center front) with recipients of the F. J. Hassler Graduate Fellowship Endowment.


Department Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships

Eustace O. Beasley Scholarship Endowment
Barbara and George Blum Scholarship Endowment
J. C. and Nancy Ferguson Scholarship Endowment
NC Section of ASAE Endowed Scholarship Fund
Charles W. and Jane P. Suggs Scholarship Endowment
E. J. Tyson Endowed Scholarship Fund
Gerber Baby Foods Scholarship
Degussa Feed Milling Scholarship Endowment
Ronald E. Sneed - Irrigation - Endowed Scholarship

Graduate Scholarships

Henry D. Bowen Graduate Fellowship Endowment
F. J. Hassler Graduate Fellowship Endowment
William & Glenda Johnson Graduate Engr. Stipend Endowment

Targeted Endowments

Wayne and Judy Skaggs Endowment for Water Resources and the Hydrology of Poorly Drained Lands
Frances M. Richardson (Billy) - Women in Engineering Scholarship Endowment
Robert W. Bottcher Memorial Endowment - (Faculty new researcher
George J. and Rhoda W. Kriz Distinguished Professorship in Biological and Agricultural Engineering


James A. DeShazer Endowment - BAE Enrichment Fund
NCSU Pack Pullers Quarter Scale Tractor Fund - for students

How to apply for Bio&Ag Scholarships

Our donors have made support available to students who meet specified requirements however, you must apply to get this funding. Students interested in applying for the scholarships & fellowships listed above or for the additional College of Agricultural and Life Science and College of Engineering financial awards please see: Apply for Scholarship Awards.

Department Giving

Give a legacy of learning by sowing the seeds of the future...

Did you know you can make secure recurring and sustaining pledges online?

Enhance your giving and support the programs most meaningful to you through monthly, quarterly, annual or one-time payments at NOTE: If you just want to give to Bio & Ag then choose "Other funds" option and look for BAE on the fund list some suggestions are below:

  1. BAE Enrichment Fund - This provides flexible funds to support a number of activities which cannot be funded with state or grant funds. These include funds for graduation exercises, special awards to outstanding staff, support of student professional activities, graduate student recruitment efforts, advisory board activities, moving expenses for new faculty members, and special building renovations/beautification programs.
  2. Section ASAE Student Activities Endowment - The Student Activities Endowment was established by the NC Section of ASAE to help students participate in professional activities. One use of the fund is to provide travel funds for students to attend regional and national professional society meetings.
  3. Scholarships & Endowments - These directly support undergraduate or graduate students in the department. Only the earnings of the endowments are used each year, so that contributions to these funds provide continuing support. The Bio & Ag Scholarship Committee, reports that with the increasing number and quality of students in the department, there are a number of deserving students still not being supported. See the endowment listed above.
  4. Other Department Related Enhancement Funds
    • Stream Restoration Enhancement Fund
    • Public Relations and Recruitment Fund - Enhancement
    • Aquaculture Enhancement Fund

Give a legacy of learning —
Sowing the seeds of the future...
Ways to give

Mr. Suggs awarding recipient