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Business & Industry Connection

Our top engineering students are looking for engineering jobs ...

Photo shows faces of several Biological and Agricultural Engineering students. The faces are graphically shown in a vertical strip. The engineering students in the photos look eager to meet with employers.

Bio & Ag students of today will be the engineers of tomorrow. They will be the ones caring for our environment. Why not consider donating to our scholarship funds?

Four ways business can work with Bio & Ag @ NCSU

  1. Provide employment opportunities — Consider hiring our current engineering graduates, experienced alumni or get involved with our internship program.
  2. Participate in industry collaborative research — Learn about what our researchers are doing and consider working together to solve industry wide issues.
  3. Support a Senior Design Project — they just may find a solution. Contact the undergraduate coordinator
  4. Make a contribution — Our scholarship funds ultimately support your industry with the best potential engineers NC State can educate.
  5. Learn about NC State's partnering resources.

Photo: Biological and Agricultural Egineering student speaks with a company represenative

Why your company should hire a Wolf Pack
Bio & Ag engineer...

An education in Biological and Agricultural Engineering provides transferable engineering and technology skills for a wide variety of industries from farms to pharmaceutical and many environments in between. Our graduates are capable and adapt quickly and they have the skill and training to enhance your business efforts.

Our engineering graduates are making a difference because department alumni are found throughout the world in industries and government agencies. Many hold prestigious management positions working with all types of environmental and agricultural concerns. They are in product development and technology practices. They hold positions in many industries meeting ISO standards and in most industries with system and process engineering demands.

Additionally, the departments AET technology program graduates are field-tech ready. They are capable of on-site monitoring, equipment management, and coordination of environmental or agricultural technical operations.

How to connect with our students and alumni...

NCSU Job Posting System ePack --helps companies find talent with all levels of experience.

NCSU Job Fairs and Recruiting Events:

Talk directly with the Bio & Ag Department...

If you have immediate positions to fill or you wish to set-up internships or mentoring program please contact the Undergraduate Coordinator or his assistant.