Stream Restoration

A Natural Channel Design Handbook

Prepared by the North Carolina Stream Restoration Institute and
North Carolina Sea Grant


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Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Appendix E
Appendix F



Barbara A. Doll
Garry L. Grabow
Karen R. Hall
James Halley
William A. Harman
Gregory D. Jennings
Dani E. Wise


Funding for this guidebook was provided by:

N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources
EPA 319 Grant Program
N.C. Department of Transportation

Doll, B.A., G.L. Grabow, K.R. Hall, J. Halley, W.A. Harman, G.D. Jennings
and D.E. Wise, 2003. Stream Restoration: A Natural Channel Design Handbook. NC Stream Restoration Institute, NC State University. 128 pp.

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