North Carolina Stream Restoration Institute
River Courses

I. Stream Classification and Assessment

This workshop provides an overview of stream processes related to channel formation, biological functions in streams, bankfull stage identification, North Carolina regional curves, applications of the Rosgen classification system for natural streams in the Southeast, stream stability, and channel evolution. Field exercises will teach participants how to identify bankfull stage and apply the Rosgen stream classification system under various conditions. The workshop addresses techniques for morphological assessments of stream condition, stream stability, stream potential, and evaluation of stream restoration. The associated field exercises will demonstrate techniques for measuring stream bank erosion, cross sectional surveys, longitudinal profiles, substrate analyses, and channel stability.

Click each link below to view the PowerPoint presentations from the March 20-22, 2007 workshop. These are pdf files - if you don't already have Adobe Reader, click here to download it.

Stream Assessment

Stream Classification

Stream Stability

II. Stream Restoration Design Principles

This workshop will teach principles of natural channel design for various types of stream restoration projects. Participants will survey a reference reach and analyze data to develop design parameters. They will also work through the process of designing stream channel dimension, pattern, and profile and preliminary channel layout and apply basic sediment transport calculation. Other topics include in-stream structures, biological considerations for stream restoration, hydrologic modeling, plan sheet development, specifications, permitting, and construction. Participants will visit several local restoration sites. Basic understanding of stream assessment and classification are required prerequisites.

III. Advanced Stream Restoration Design Principles

This workshop will teach applications of stream restoration design including sediment transport calculations, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, stream channel layout in CAD, and in-stream structure design. Participants will work on design projects using available topographic information and computer software to test several design methodologies. Basic understanding of stream assessment, classification, and natural channel design principles are required prerequisites.


Workshop instructors include:

Greg Jennings, PhD, PE

Barbara Doll, PE

Dan Clinton, PE

Dave Bidelspach, EI

Kris Bass, PE

Karen Hall, Biologist

Lara Rozzell, Biologist

Dave Penrose , Biologist



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