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The deadline for submitting abstracts for oral presentations has now passed.
We are now only accepting poster abstracts.


You are invited to submit proposals for poster presentations.

Presentations should focus on one of the following session topics:

  • Improving States' NPS programs through project monitoring results and lessons learned
  • Determining the effectiveness and enhancing States' nonpoint source management programs
  • Detecting change in water quality from agricultural or urban BMP implementation
  • Modeling applications for NPS pollution
  • TMDLs
  • Education and Outreach on NPS pollution control
  • Riparian area and stream protection/restoration
  • Monitoring Low Impact Development


1. Submit online at: http://www.ncsu.edu/waterquality/nmp_conf/abstracts.html.

2. Email or mail a proposal with the following information included: (MS Word or Text file)

  • Author name, affiliation, session topic the presentation will address, and preferred presentation format (oral or poster). Also include mailing address, phone, fax and email.
  • The circumstances creating the need for the project/program.
  • The measurable objectives of the project/program.
  • Impact on NPS programs from project monitoring results and lessons learned.
  • Partnerships (public and private) supported and/or created by this project/program, including partner role and contribution to the project.
  • A description of how the project/program integrated monitoring and implementation.
  • A discussion of results:
    - Did the monitoring indicate that project goals were accomplished?
    - What changes in land treatment/land uses occurred?
    - How did these changes relate to water quality monitoring results?
    - How was modeling used in conjunction with BMP implementation?
    - How was the TMDL implemented?

3. Submit a short bio-sketch of yourself to appear in the printed program.

4. Submit a short statement regarding the following question: If you were king or queen, what one program change would you make to your state's NPS program to improve water quality? (does not have to be related to your submittal paper) These statements will be compiled anonymously.

5. Let us know if you do not want to give us permission to post your presentation on our website after the conference. We plan to post a low-resolution pdf file of your presentation with the accessibility disabled so that there can be no content copying or extraction and no changing. If you do not indicate anything on the statement, we will assume you are giving permission.

Alternative to online registration, mail to:
NCSU Water Quality Group
Dr. Jean Spooner, Conference Chair
Campus Box 7637
Raleigh, NC 27695-7637
Phone (919) 515-3723; Fax (919) 515-7448
Email: waterquality@ncsu.edu

Deadline for submission of abstracts is March 24, 2005.

Deadline for poster abstracts has been extended to August 26, 2005 or until space is full.

An update of accepted abstracts may be submitted before Sept 1 (optional), which will be published in the workshop program.

Contact person: Jean Spooner at jean_spooner@ncsu.edu.

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