Ground Covers
Botanical Name and Common NameWater Use ZoneNC Hardiness Zone Flower Color/Time of BloomNormal Height (in)Growth RateGroupExposure
Carptet Bugle
1,27a to 8Purple/Spring 2-4Medium to FastEvergreenShade/Semi-Shade
Euonymus fortunei
'Coloratus,' Wintercreeper Euonymus
1,2,36b to 7aNot Showy 6-18FastEvergreenSun/Semi-Shade
Hedera canariensis
Algerian Ivy
1,2,38None 6-~MediumEvergreenShade/Semi-Shade
Hadra helix
English Ivy
1,2,36b to 8None 6-12Slow to MediumEvergreenShade
Hypericum calycum
Aaronsbeard, St. Johnswort
1,2,36b to 8Yellow/Spring 8-12Medium to FastSemi-EvergreenSun/Semi-Shade
Juniperus conferta
'Blue Pacific,' Shore Juniper
2,36b to 8None 12-18FastEvergreenSun
Juniperus horizontalis
Creeping Juniper
2,36b to 8None 12-24ModerateEvergreenSun
Liriope muscarii
1,2,36b to 8Purple/Summer 8-15MdiumEvergreenSun/Shade
Liriope spicata
Spreading Liriope
1,2,36b to 8Purple/Summer 8-15MediumEvergreenSun/Shade
Japonicus Dwarf Lilyturf or Mondograss
1,26b to 8Not showy 5-6MdiumEvergreenShade
Phlox subulata
Moss Phlox or Thrift
1,26b to 8Pink, White, Purple/Spring 3-4MediumEvergreenSun
Vinca minor
Common Periwinkle
1,2,36b to 7bPurple/Spring 5-6FastEvergreenShade
Vinca major
Large Periwinkle
1,27 to 8Purple/Spring 12-24ModerateEvergreenSun/Semi-Shade

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