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NC Extension @ Bio & Ag

Graphic: lettering reads Extension provides Technology Transfer

Mike Burchell

Dr. Mike Burchell
Extension Leader

Phone: 919-513-7348
Fax: 919-515-6772
e-mail: mike

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D. S. Weaver Labs

Photo collage: shows extension specialist talking explaining a poster a tobacco leaf in the hand of a farmer, three people by the water talking and the bottom half of and ittigation truck spraying wastewater on a field.

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Action Photos

Extension in Action... more photos

Photo: Wearing safety vest and hard hats contractor are view a stream restoration project while listening to an extension specialist explain what is being done in the area.
Photo: An extension specialist is helping farmers understand a calculation problem.
Photo Dr. Grabow is standing near a large switch box pointing out control features for an irrigation system.
Extension offers contractor training and certification.
Extension provides group training for many technical aspects of farming.
Extension specialist Dr. Grabow explains irrigation controls to a group of irrigation contractors.