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William Neal Reynolds Distinguished University Professor & Extension Specialist

Professional Engineer
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Dr. William F. Hunt III is a William Neal Reynolds Distinguished University Professor and Extension Specialist in North Carolina State University’s Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering. Hunt holds degrees in Civil Engineering (NCSU, B.S., 1994), Economics (NCSU, B.S., 1995), Biological & Agricultural Engineering (NCSU, M.S., 1997) and Agricultural & Biological Engineering, (Penn State, Ph.D., 2003).

Since 2000, Hunt has assisted with the design, installation, and/or monitoring of over 150 stormwater control measures (SCMs), including bioretention, stormwater wetlands, innovative wet ponds, green roofs, permeable pavement, water harvesting/cistern systems and level spreaders. He teaches 20-25 short courses and workshops each year on stormwater design, function, and maintenance throughout North Carolina and the United States.

Hunt is an active member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), where he serves on the Urban Water Resources Research Council, the LID committee, and is co-chair of the Bioretention Task Committee. He was chair of the 2nd National LID Conference held in Wilmington, NC, in March 2007 and co-chaired the same conference in Philadelphia in September 2011.


Ph.D. 2003

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Pennsylvania State University

M.S. 1997

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

North Carolina State University

B.S. 1995


North Carolina State University

B.S. 1994

Civil Engineering

North Carolina State University

Research Description

Stormwater management, and low impact development and green infrastructure

Honors and Awards

  • William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor, 2015
  • Blue-Green Innovator of the Year in NC, 2014
  • American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Young Extension Award, 2008
  • Inducted into the Academy of Outstanding Faculty Engaged in Extension (AOFEE), 2007
  • Governor's Award for Water Conservationist of the Year, NC Wildlife Foundation, 2007
  • NC State Alumni Outstanding Extension and Outreach Award, 2007
  • Outstanding Extension Specialist for NCSU and NCA&T for support of county programs from the NCSU Association of Extension Specialists, 2007


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Field Assessment of the Hydrologic Mitigation Performance of Three Aging Bioretention Cells

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