Shiying Tian

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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

North Carolina State University

Research Description

Research Associate and member of the Bio&Ag Soil and Water Management Group conducting field and simulation modeling research.


Switchgrass growth and pine-switchgrass interactions in established intercropping systems
Tian, S. Y., Cacho, J. F., Youssef, M. A., Chescheir, G. M., Fischer, M., Nettles, J. E., & King, J. S. (2017), Global Change Biology Bioenergy, 9(5), 845-857.
Hydrological modelling in forested systems
Golden, H. E., Evenson, G. R., Tian, S., Amatya, D. M., & Sun, G. (2016), Forest Hydrology: Processes, Management and Assessment, , 141-161.
Forest drainage
Skaggs, R. W., Tian, S., Chescheir, G. M., Amatya, D. M., & Youssef, M. A. (2016), Forest Hydrology: Processes, Management and Assessment, , 124-140.
Different seasonality of nitrate export from an agricultural watershed and an urbanized watershed in Midwestern USA
Tian, S., Youssef, M. A., Richards, R. P., Liu, J., Baker, D. B., & Liu, Y. (2016), Journal of Hydrology, 541, 1375-1384.
Switchgrass growth and morphological changes under established pine-grass agroforestry systems in the lower coastal plain of North Carolina, United States
Tian, S. Y., Cacho, J. F., Youssef, M. A., Chescheir, G. M., & Nettles, J. E. (2015), Biomass and Bioenergy, 83, 233-244.
Testing DRAINMOD-FOREST for predicting evapotranspiration in a mid-rotation pine plantation
Tian, S. Y., Youssef, M. A., Sun, G., Chescheir, G. M., Noormets, A., Amatya, D. M., Skaggs, R. W., King, J. S., McNulty, S., Gavazzi, M., Miao, G. F., & Domec, J. C. (2015), Forest Ecology and Management, 355, 37-47.
Effects of site preparation for pine forest/switchgrass intercropping on water quality
Muwamba, A., Amatya, D. M., Ssegane, H., Chescheir, G. M., Appelboom, T., Tollner, E. W., Nettles, J. E., Youssef, M. A., Birgand, F., Skaggs, R. W., & Tian, S. (2015), Journal of Environmental Quality, 44(4), 1263-1272.
Global sensitivity analysis of DRAINMOD-FOREST, an integrated forest ecosystem model
Tian, S. Y., Youssef, M. A., Amatya, D. M., & Vance, E. D. (2014), Hydrological Processes, 28(15), 4389-4410.
Review of nitrogen fate models applicable to forest landscapes in the southern US
Amatya, D. M., Rossi, C. G., Saleh, A., Dai, Z., Youssef, M. A., Williams, R. G., Bosch, D. D., Chescheir, G. M., Sun, G., Skaggs, R. W., Trettin, C. C., Vance, E. D., Nettles, J. E., & Tian, S. (2013), Transactions of the ASABE, 56(5), 1731-1757.
Predicting dissolved organic nitrogen export from a drained loblolly pine plantation
Tian, S. Y., Youssef, M. A., Skaggs, R. W., Chescheir, G. M., & Amatya, D. M. (2013), Water Resources Research, 49(4), 1952-1967.

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Potential Impacts of High Precipitation Events on Peak Discharges and Forest Roads and Stream Cross Drainage Structures
US Forest Service(6/27/16 - 6/30/17)