Sanjay Shah



Ph.D. 2000

Biological Systems Engineering

Virginia Tech

M.S. 1995

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Louisiana State University

B. Tech. 1985

Agricultural Engineering

Punjab Agricultural University, India

Research Description

Livestock barn ventilation, heating, and cooling; agricultural air quality; renewable energy applications in livestock barns

Honors and Awards

  • Special Specialist Award, 2006
  • Robert W. Bottcher Promising Researcher Award, 2004
  • Faculty Research and Professional Development Award, 2004
  • WVU Extension Service Outstanding Developing Researcher Award, 2002


Evaluation of landscape fabric as a solar air heater
Poole, M.R., Shah, S.B., Boyette, M.D., Grimes, J.L., Stikeleather, L.F. (2018), Renewable Energy, 127, 998-1003.
Evaluation of a novel, low-cost plastic solar air heater for turkey brooding
Poole, M. R., Shah, S. B. , Grimes, J. L., Boyette, M. D. Stikeleather L. F. (2018), Energy for Sustainable Development, 45, 1-10.
A novel non-invasive method for evaluating electroencephalograms on laying hens
Eberle, K. N., Martin, M. P., Shah, S., Malheiros, R. D., Livingston, K. A., & Anderson, K. E. (2018), Poultry Science, 97(3), 860-864.
Performance of a Coupled Transpired Solar Collector--Phase Change Material-based Thermal Energy Storage System
Poole, M., Shah, S., Boyette, M., & Cleveland, T. (2018), Energy and Buildings, 161, 72-79.
Tempering ventilation air in a swine finishing barn with a low-cost earth-to-water heat exchanger
Shah, S., Lentz, Z., van Heugten, E., Currin, R. & Singletary, I. (2017), Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, 9(2).
N2O emission and nitrogen transformation in chicken manure and biochar co-composting
Jia, X., Wang, M., Yuan, W., Shah, S., Shi, W., Meng, X., Ju, X., & Yang, B. (2016), Transactions of the ASABE, 59(5), 1277-1283.
Performance analysis of a poultry engineering chamber complex for animal environment, air quality, and welfare studies
Shivkumar, A. P., Wang-Li, L., Shah, S. B., Stikeleather, L. F., & Fuentes, M. (2016), Transactions of the ASABE, 59(5), 1371-1382.
Transpired solar wall for tempering air in a swine nursery in a humid subtropical climate
Shah, S.B., Marshall, T.K., & Matthis, S. (2016), Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 32, 115-123.
Removal of ammonia and airborne culturable bacteria by proof-of-concept windbreak wall with slightly acidic electrolyzed water spray for a layer breeding house
Zheng, W., Li, Z., Shah, S., & Li, B. (2016), Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 32(3), 393-399.
Development of MOS sensor-based NH3 monitor for use in poultry houses
Lin, T. H., Shah, S. B., Wang-Li, L. J., Oviedo-Rondoon, E. O., & Post, J. (2016), Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 127, 708-715.

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Evaluating Broiler And Turkey Behavior And Physiological Stress Indicators During VSD With Additions Of Heat Or CO2 For The Development Of Humane Methodologies For Mass Depopulation During A Disease Outbreak
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Evaluating hen behavior and physiological stressors during VSD for the development of humane methodologies for mass depopulation during a disease outbreak
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Combined Heat Recovery and Ammonia Control System for Broiler Brooding
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Engineered windbreak wall - Negetative Strip System to Reduce Pollutant and Odor Emissions from Mechanically-Ventilated Broiler and Swine Barns
US Dept. of Agriculture - Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA NRCS)(9/29/14 - 9/30/18)
NCSU Research and Innovation Seed Funding Program(1/01/14 - 12/31/14)
Develop and Test Ammonia - Oxygen Monitoring System For Poultry Houses
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The Impact of Pad Cooling on Barn Environment, Finishing Pig Performance and Producer Profitability
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Retrofitting a Naturally-Ventilated Hog Finishing Barn with a Geothermal Zone-Cooling System
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Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds from Swine Facilities via Adsorption: Technical and Economical Evaluation
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