Michael Burchell

Professor and Department Extension Leader

  • 919-513-7348
  • Weaver Administration Bldg 200


Ph.D. 2003

Biological & Agricultural Engineering

NC State University

M.S. 1996

Civil Engineering

University of Mississippi

B.S. 1992


NC State University

Research Description

Wetland restoration, Effects of grassed/forested riparian buffers on reducing nutrient/sediment loads to streams, Constructed wetlands for stormwater and wastewater treatment, Innovative stormwater BMPs in coastal areas, Agricultural drainage water management, and Golf course BMPs,

Honors and Awards

  • NC Soil and Water Conservation Society, Professional Achievement Water Quality, 2014
  • NC State/Nancy G. Pollock Dissertation Award, 2003


Lead occurrence in North Carolina well water: importance of sampling representation and collection techniques
Wilson, L., Hayes, W., Jones, C. N., Eaves, L. A., Wait, K. D., George, A., … Pieper, K. J. (2024), ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS, 19(4). https://doi.org/10.1088/1748-9326/ad2b2c
Carbon storage potential in a recently created brackish marsh in eastern North Carolina, USA (vol 127, pg 579, 2019)
Shiau, Y.-J., Burchell, M. R., Krauss, K. W., Broome, S. W., & Birgand, F. (2021, October 1), ECOLOGICAL ENGINEERING, Vol. 168. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ecoleng.2021.106276
Characterizing ambient nutrient concentrations and potential warning levels for surface water in natural forested wetlands in the Piedmont and Coastal Plain of North Carolina, USA
Kurki-Fox, J. J., & Burchell, M. R., II. (2021), ECOLOGICAL ENGINEERING, 172. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ecoleng.2021.106395
Characterizing copper and zinc content in forested wetland soils of North Carolina, USA
Kurki-Fox, J. J., Burchell, M. R., II, Vepraskas, M. J., & Broome, S. W. (2021), ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING AND ASSESSMENT, 193(12). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10661-021-09618-6
Impact of control structures on hydrologic restoration within the Great Dismal Swamp
Kamrath, B. J. W., Burchell, M. R., Kurki-Fox, J. J., & Bass, K. L. (2020), ECOLOGICAL ENGINEERING, 158. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ecoleng.2020.106024
Carbon storage potential in a recently created brackish marsh in eastern North Carolina, USA
Shiau, Y.-J., Burchell, M. R., Krauss, K. W., Broome, S. W., & Birgand, F. (2019), Ecological Engineering, 127, 579–588. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ecoleng.2018.09.007
Diel fluctuations of high level nitrate and dissolved organic carbon concentrations in constructed wetland mesocosms
Messer, T. L., Birgand, F., & Burchell, M. R. (2019), Ecological Engineering, 133, 76–87. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ecoleng.2019.04.027
Natural and Constructed Wetlands in North Carolina: An Overview for Citizens
Burchell, M., & Hunt, B. (2019). , (NC State Extension Publications No. AG-856). Retrieved from North Carolina Cooperative Extension Publication website: https://content.ces.ncsu.edu/natural-and-constructed-wetlands-in-north-carolina
The Potential Long-Term Impacts of Climate Change on the Hydrologic Regimes of North Carolina’s Coastal Plain Non-Riverine Wetlands
Kurki-Fox, J. J., Burchell, M. R., & Kamrath, B. J. (2019), Transactions of the ASABE, 62(6), 1591–1606. https://doi.org/10.13031/trans.13437
The Potential Resiliency of a Created Tidal Marsh to Sea Level Rise
Kamrath, B. J. W., Burchell, M. R., Cormier, N., Krauss, K. W., & Johnson, D. J. (2019), Transactions of the ASABE, 62(6), 1567–1577. https://doi.org/10.13031/trans.13438

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(Farm Bill) Undergraduate Training where Science Intersects Practice and Policy to Address Grand Challenges in Agricultural Water Pollution (REEU-SIPP)
US Dept. of Agriculture - National Institute of Food and Agriculture (USDA NIFA)(9/15/23 - 9/14/28)
Engineering Services for Two Shovel-Ready Projects
National Fish & Wildlife Foundation(7/01/22 - 7/30/24)
Evaluating Flow-Through Wetlands for Stormwater Management
NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund(1/31/22 - 5/31/25)
North Carolina Volunteer Wetland Monitoring Pilot Program
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)(10/01/19 - 3/31/24)
A feasibility study to examine expansion of infiltration systems to reduce direct ocean stormwater discharge in Kure Beach NC
NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund(12/17/18 - 5/31/19)
Detritus Removal and Enhanced Aeration to Improve Water Quality Treatment and Extend the Useful Life of Constructed Wetlands in NC
NCSU Sea Grant Program(3/01/19 - 11/30/20)
Developing and Testing Wetland Hydrology Performance Criteria for Restoration Sites
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)(10/01/18 - 9/30/23)
Improving performance and examining expansion of constructed wetlands for tertiary treatment of nitrogen from domestic and municipal wastewater
NCSU Water Resources Research Institute(6/01/18 - 12/31/20)
Restored wetlands to improve water quality in agricultural watersheds – a pilot-scale study
North Carolina Coastal Federation(3/01/17 - 9/28/18)
Field Testing of Mesocosm-Scale Derived Nitrate Removal Models to Verify Water Quality Improvement Potential of Restored Coastal Forested Wetlands
NCSU Water Resources Research Institute(9/01/16 - 12/31/18)