Michael Burchell

Associate Professor and Dept. Extension Leader

  • 919-513-7348
  • Weaver Administration Bldg 200


Ph.D. 2003

Biological & Agricultural Engineering

NC State University

M.S. 1996

Civil Engineering

University of Mississippi

B.S. 1992


NC State University

Research Description

Wetland restoration, Effects of grassed/forested riparian buffers on reducing nutrient/sediment loads to streams, Constructed wetlands for stormwater and wastewater treatment, Innovative stormwater BMPs in coastal areas, Agricultural drainage water management, and Golf course BMPs,

Honors and Awards

  • NC Soil and Water Conservation Society, Professional Achievement Water Quality, 2014
  • NC State/Nancy G. Pollock Dissertation Award, 2003


Adapting the relaxed tanks-in-series model for stormwater wetland water quality performance
Merriman, L. S., Hathaway, J. M., Burchell, M. R., & Hunt, W. F. (2017), Water, 9(9).
Comparison of four nitrate removal kinetic models in two distinct wetland restoration mesocosm systems
Messer, T. L., Burchell, M. R., & Birgand, F. (2017), Water, 9(7).
Comparison of four nitrate removal kinetic models in two distinct wetland restoration mesocosm systems (vol 9, 517, 2017)
Messer, T. L., Burchell, M. R., & Birgand, F. (2017),
Nitrate removal potential of restored wetlands loaded with agricultural drainage water: A mesocosm scale experimental approach
Messer, T. L., Burchell, M. R., Birgand, F., Broome, S. W., & Chescheir, G. (2017), Ecological Engineering, 106, 541–554.
Testing the riparian ecosystem management model (REMM) on a riparian buffer with dilution from deep groundwater
Tilak, A. S., Youssef, M. A., Burchell, M. R., Lowrance, R. R., & Williams, R. G. (2017), Transactions of the ASABE, 60(2), 377–392.
Tracking the fate of nitrate through pulse-flow wetlands: A mesocosm scale N-15 enrichment tracer study
Messer, T. L., Burchell, M. R., Bohlke, J. K., & Tobias, C. R. (2017), Ecological Engineering, 106, 597–608.
Greenhouse gas emissions from a created brackish marsh in eastern North Carolina
Shiau, Y. J., Burchell, M., Krauss, K., Birgand, F., & Broome, S. (2016), Wetlands (Wilmington, N.C.), 36(6), 1009–1024. https://doi.org/10.1007/s13157-016-0815-y
Quantifying nutrient and suspended solids fluxes in a constructed tidal marsh following rainfall: The value of capturing the rapid changes in flow and concentrations
Etheridge, J. R., Birgand, F., & Burchell, M. R. (2015), Ecological Engineering, 78, 41–52.
Seasonal variation in the quality of dissolved and particulate organic matter exchanged between a salt marsh and its adjacent estuary
Osburn, C. L., Mikan, M. P., Etheridge, J. R., Burchell, M. R., & Birgand, F. (2015), Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences, 120(7), 1430–1449.
Field testing the riparian ecosystem management model on a riparian buffer in the North Carolina upper coastal plain
Tilak, A. S., Burchell, M. R., Youssef, M. A., Lowrance, R. R., & Williams, R. G. (2014), Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 50(3), 665–682.

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Developing and Testing Wetland Hydrology Performance Criteria for Restoration Sites
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)(10/01/18 - 9/30/21)
Improving performance and examining expansion of constructed wetlands for tertiary treatment of nitrogen from domestic and municipal wastewater
NCSU Water Resources Research Institute(6/01/18 - 5/29/19)
Restored wetlands to improve water quality in agricultural watersheds – a pilot-scale study
North Carolina Coastal Federation(3/01/17 - 9/28/18)
Field Testing of Mesocosm-Scale Derived Nitrate Removal Models to Verify Water Quality Improvement Potential of Restored Coastal Forested Wetlands
NCSU Water Resources Research Institute(9/01/16 - 12/31/18)
Efficacy of linear wetlands to treat agricultural drainage water in the Little River watershed
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)(3/01/16 - 12/31/18)
In-stream wetlands as part of the Little River watershed restoration project
NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund(1/01/16 - 6/30/19)
Development and promotion of drainage water management systems adapted to maximize crop production in response to climate variability
US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture(1/01/16 - 9/30/18)
Comprehensive Wetland Monitoring Network and Spatial Database for North Carolina’s Coastal Plain and Piedmont Regions
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)(10/01/14 - 3/31/19)
Eden Area Watershed Modeling Project
NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund(5/01/13 - 11/30/14)
Wetland Restoration at Great Dismal Swamp State Park
US Fish & Wildlife Service(1/01/13 - 2/01/17)