Matthew Whitfield

Research Assoc

  • D S Weaver Labs 179


Ph.D. 2014

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

NC State University

M.S. 2004

Crop Science

NC State University

B.S. 2001

Chemical Engineering

NC State University

Research Description

I am researching the development of analytical procedures in support of specialty crops production.


Near infrared spectroscopic data handling and chemometric analysis with the R statistical programming language: A practical tutorial
Whitfield, B. and Chinn, M. S. (2017), Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy, 25(6), 363-380.
Improvement of acid hydrolysis procedures for the composition analysis of herbaceous biomass
Whitfield, M. B. and Chinn, M. S. and Veal, M. W. (2016), Energy & Fuels, 30(10), 8260-8269.
Recommendations to mitigate potential sources of error in preparation of biomass sorghum samples for compositional analyses used in industrial and forage applications
Whitfield, M. B. and Chinn, M. S. and Veal, M. W. (2014), Bioenergy Research, 7(4), 1561-1570.
Processing of materials derived from sweet sorghum for biobased products
Whitfield, Matthew B. and Chinn, Mari S. and Veal, Matthew W. (2012), Industrial Crops and Products, 37(1), 362-375.

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