Jeffrey Johnson

Extension Associate

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Dr. Jeffrey Johnson, PE, is an Extension Associate working alongside Dr. Bill Hunt as a member of the Stormwater Engineering Group. He provides extension, research, project management, and engineering design for stormwater projects in North Carolina and works alongside collaborators on projects both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Johnson’s research is multifaceted and includes topics such as the impacts of aging on existing stormwater infrastructure, optimizing green infrastructure and stream restorations for nutrient and pathogen removal, and enhancing/improving flood mitigation. Dr. Johnson also leads the Stormwater Engineering Group’s efforts in testing proprietary New Stormwater Technologies (NEST) for approval via the NC Dept. of Environmental Quality’s NEST Program. He has also provided engineering design, bidding, and construction oversight on multiple stormwater control measures in North Carolina and Washington, D.C.

Dr. Johnson also teaches extension workshops alongside Dr. Hunt and the Stormwater Engineering Group throughout North Carolina on various topics in stormwater. Workshop topics include introduction to stormwater, research updates, inspection and maintenance, retrofit and rehabilitation, and guides to stormwater management through wet ponds and wetlands.

An avid Wolfpacker, Dr. Johnson holds undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees from NC State University. In his free time, Dr. Johnson loves to travel the world with his wife, Traci, and hang out with their two dogs, Dash and Coco.


Ph.D. 2019

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

North Carolina State University

MBAE 2016

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

North Carolina State University

B.S. 2011

Business Administration

North Carolina State University


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