J. Rice

Extension Specialist

  • 919-515-6794
  • D S Weaver Labs 119

Research Description

Specialist in the area of animal wast management, researching alternative manure treatment technologies.


Carbon dioxide system for on-farm euthanasia of pigs in small groups
Rice, M., Baird, C., Stikeleather, L., Morrow, W. E. M., & Meyer, R. (2014), Journal of Swine Health and Production, 22(5), 248–254.
Evaluation of carbon dioxide administration for on-site mass depopulation of swine in response to animal health emergencies
Meyer, R. E., Morrow, W. E. M., Stikeleather, L. F., Baird, C. L., Rice, J. M., Byrne, H., … Styles, D. K. (2014), Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 244(8), 924–933. https://doi.org/10.2460/javma.244.8.924
Effect of physical and inhaled euthanasia methods on hormonal measures of stress in pigs
Meyer, R. E., Whitley, J. T., Morrow, W. E. M., Stikeleather, L. F., Baird, C. L., Rice, J. M., … Whisnant, C. S. (2013), Journal of Swine Health and Production, 21(5), 261–269.
Design and evaluation of a discreet sampler for waste treatment lagoons
Classen, J. J., Rice, J. M., McNeill, J. P., & Simmons, O. D. (2011), Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 27(6), 1007–1014.
Effect of a metabolic stimulant on ammonia volatilization from broiler litter
Shah, S. B., Baird, C. L., & Rice, J. M. (2007), Journal of Applied Poultry Research, 16(2), 240–247. https://doi.org/10.1093/japr/16.2.240
The effects of vermicompost on field turnips and rainfall runoff
Classen, J. J., Rice, J. M., & Sherman, R. (2007), Compost Science & Utilization, 15(1), 34–39.
Solid-liquid separation of swine manure with polymer treatment and sand filtration
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Environmentally superior technologies for swine waste management
Humenik, F. J., Rice, J. M., Baird, C. L., & Koelsch, R. (2004), Water Science and Technology, 49(5), 15–21.
Evaluation of a permeable, 5 cm thick, polyethylene foam lagoon cover
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Ammonia volatilization from constructed wetlands that treat swine wastewater
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Constructed wetland design and performance for swine lagoon wastewater treatment
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Constructed wetlands for treatment of swine wastewater from an anaerobic lagoon
Hunt, P. G., Szogi, A. A., Humenik, E. J., Rice, J. M., Matheny, T. A., & Stone, K. C. (2002), Transactions of the ASAE, 45(3), 639–647.
Swine wastewater treatment by media filtration
Szogi, A. A., Humenik, F. J., Rice, J. M., & Hunt, P. G. (1997), Journal of Environmental Science and Health. Part B, Pesticides, Food Contaminants, and Agricultural Wastes, 32(5), 831–843. https://doi.org/10.1080/03601239709373115

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Evaluation of Advanced Composting's Aerated Composting Process Modified with a Grinder/Mixer Process Prior to Introducing the Mortality Carcasses and Carbon Material to the Compost Bin
Advanced Composting Technologies, LLC(7/09/18 - 12/03/18)
Urea Recovery and Urease Inhibition from Pilot Scale Scraper System
Precision Fabricating & Cleaning Co.(3/01/17 - 8/15/21)
Ammonia Recovery from Swine Wastewater with Selective Membrane Technology
US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA)(9/20/12 - 8/31/16)
Manure Belt Collection System and Energy Recovery System
US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA)(9/22/10 - 9/30/15)
Coordinated Analysis to Facilitate Technology Transfer to Meet Emission Requirements for Next Generation Livestock and Poultry Production Facilities
US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA)(7/01/09 - 6/30/12)
Technical Evaluation of Vermiculture Composting as a Cost Share Element of the Conservation Innovation Grant
NatureWorks Organics(11/03/08 - 7/31/11)
Nitrogen Dynamics in Covered Swine Lagoons
NC Pork Council(7/01/08 - 9/30/10)
Comprehensive Environmental Assessments and Nutrient Management Plans for Livestock Operations
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)(10/01/07 - 9/30/12)
Pilot Project for Value-Added Product Development from Solid Waste Generated on Swine Farms
NC Dept. of Natural & Cultural Resources formerly NC Dept of Env. & Natural Resources (DENR)(1/15/07 - 6/30/09)
NC Pork Council(7/01/06 - 6/30/08)