Devendra Amatya

Adjunct Assoc Professor

Research Hydrologist, USDA Forest Service

USDA Forest Service,
Center for Forested Wetlands Research

2730 Savannah Highway
Charleston, SC 29414
(843) 769-7012


Ph.D. 1993

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

NC State University

M.S. 1985


Duke University

M. Sc. 1974


Lumumba University, India

Research Description

Hydrology of low-gradient managed forests and naturally drained forests, Hydrology of forested wetlands, Specific research on runoff and evapotranspiration dynamics of coastal forests (freshwater and tidal), Hydrologic and water quality studies on effects of land and water management, prescribed/wild fire, land use change, climate variability and change, sea level rise, and extreme events on low-gradient coastal landscapes from freshwater to tidally affected landscapes using monitoring and modeling approaches, Assessment of long-term trends and variability in hydrology and their potential applications in developing and testing hydrology and water quality models for terrestrial freshwater lands linked to the downstream tidal marshes/estuaries, Application of remote sensing tools and products for watershed hydrologic modeling, Specific modeling tools for research: DRAINMOD, SWAT, MIKESHE, and SWMM


Sensitivity analysis of the DRAINWAT model applied to an agricultural watershed in the lower coastal plain, North Carolina, USA
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Modeling water, carbon, and nitrogen dynamics for two drained pine plantations under intensive management practices
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Energy and water balance of two contrasting loblolly pine plantations on the lower coastal plain of North Carolina, USA
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Nitrogen balance for a plantation forest drainage canal on the North Carolina coastal plain
Appelboom, T. W., Chescheir, G. M., Skaggs, R. W., Gilliam, J. W., & Amatya, D. M. (2008), (Transactions of the ASABE, 51 4) (pp. 1215-1233).
Simulation of the hydrologic effects of afforestation in the Tacuarembo River basin, Uruguay
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Watgis: A GIS-based lumped parameter water quality model
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A comparison of the watershed hydrology of coastal forested wetlands and the mountainous uplands in the Southern US
Sun, G., Mcnulty, S. G., Amatya, D. M., Skaggs, R. W., Swift, L. W., Shepard, J. P., & Riekerk, H. (2002), Journal of Hydrology, 263(1-4), 92-104.

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