François Birgand

Associate Professor


Ph.D. 2000

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

North Carolina State University

B.S., M.S. 1994

Agronomic Engineering

Ecole Nationale Supérieure Agronomique de Rennes, France

Research Description

Biogeochemical processes for ecologically engineered and natural systems; Impacts of land use changes on hydrology and water quality at the watershed scale; Wetland and stream monitoring, restoration and modeling; Continuous sensor development and metrology; UV-vis spectrometry for continuous water quality measurements; Image-based sensors; Evaluation of nutrient load uncertainties at the watershed scale.

Honors and Awards

  • University Faculty Scholar, 2018
  • NC State Kenneth R. Keller Research Award for graduate excellence, 2000


Floating treatment wetland retrofit in a stormwater wet pond provides limited water quality improvements
Maxwell, B., Winter, D., & Birgand, F. (2020), ECOLOGICAL ENGINEERING, 149.
Processes and mechanisms controlling nitrate dynamics in an artificially drained field: Insights from high-frequency water quality measurements
Liu, W., Youssef, M. A., Birgand, F. P., Chescheir, G. M., Tian, S., & Maxwell, B. M. (2020), AGRICULTURAL WATER MANAGEMENT, 232.
Carbon storage potential in a recently created brackish marsh in eastern North Carolina, USA
Shiau, Y.-J., Burchell, M. R., Krauss, K. W., Broome, S. W., & Birgand, F. (2019), Ecological Engineering, 127, 579–588.
Contrasting behavior of nitrate and phosphate flux from high flow events on small agricultural and urban watersheds
Frazar, S., Gold, A. J., Addy, K., Moatar, F., Birgand, F., Schroth, A. W., … Pradhanang, S. M. (2019), Biogeochemistry, 145(1-2), 141–160.
Diel fluctuations of high level nitrate and dissolved organic carbon concentrations in constructed wetland mesocosms
Messer, T. L., Birgand, F., & Burchell, M. R. (2019), Ecological Engineering, 133, 76–87.
Drying–Rewetting Cycles Affect Nitrate Removal Rates in Woodchip Bioreactors
Maxwell, B. M., Birgand, F., Schipper, L. A., Christianson, L. E., Tian, S., Helmers, M. J., … Youssef, M. A. (2019), Journal of Environment Quality, 48(1), 93.
Increased Duration of Drying–Rewetting Cycles Increases Nitrate Removal in Woodchip Bioreactors
Maxwell, B. M., Birgand, F., Schipper, L. A., Christianson, L. E., Tian, S., Helmers, M. J., … Youssef, M. A. (2019), Agricultural & Environmental Letters, 4(1).
Influences of Catchment and River Channel Characteristics on the Magnitude and Dynamics of Storage and Re-Suspension of Fine Sediments in River Beds
Park, J., Batalla, R. J., Birgand, F., Esteves, M., Gentile, F., Harrington, J. R., … Vericat, D. (2019), Water, 11(5), 878.
Insights from using in-situ ultraviolet–visible spectroscopy to assess nitrogen treatment and subsurface dynamics in a regenerative stormwater conveyance (RSC) system
Cizek, A. R., Johnson, J. P., Birgand, F., Hunt, W. F., & McLaughlin, R. A. (2019), Journal of Environmental Management, 252, 109656.
Multipoint High-Frequency Sampling System to Gain Deeper Insights on the Fate of Nitrate in Artificially Drained Fields
Liu, W., Maxwell, B., Birgand, F., Youssef, M., Chescheir, G., & Tian, S. (2019), Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, 146(1), 06019012.

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NC Department of Transportation(8/01/16 - 10/31/20)
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Transforming Denitrifying Bioreactor Research and Applications: Unveiling the Inside of the Blackbox
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Intensive Monitoring of Nutrient and Material Load in Claridge Nursery Stream ?The Canal? Pre-,During and Post Construction of Highway 70 Bypass in Wayne County, NC
NC Department of Transportation(5/16/13 - 6/30/16)