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Extension Personnel

Name Title and Specialty Phone (919) E-mail
Burchell, Michael R Associate Professor & Extension Leader 513-7348
Doll, Barbara A. Extension Assistant Professor 515-5287
Ellington, Grant H Extension Assistant Professor 515-6793
Grabow, Garry L Professor 515-8242
Hall, Steven G. Associate Professor 515-2954
Hunt, William F. WNR-Distinguished University Professor & Ext. Spec 515-6751
Johnson, Jeffrey Extension Associate 515-7475
Kelly, Ryan Extension Assistant 252-515-4927
Kennedy, Shawn Extension Assistant Research Tech II 919-218-1152
Line, Daniel E Extension Specialist 515-8243
Page, Jonathan L Extension Associate 515-6771
Rice, Mark J Extension Specialist 515-6794
Roberson, Gary T Associate Professor & Extension Specialist 515-6715
Santore, Brittany Extension Assistant / Workshop Coordinator 515-6780
Shah, Sanjay Professor & Extension Specialist 515-6753
Shepard, Christina Training & Workshop Coordinator 513-2192
Waickowski, Sarah Extension Associate 515-6803
Woodlief, LT Research Specialist 515-6768