Zero Carbon Footprint Efforts

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Zero Footprint Effort

Ecological Engineering is the practice of finding solutions that result in mutual benefits for human society and the natural environment.  As such, we will strive to be as “zero footprint” as possible at this year’s meeting. Under the guidance of NC State University’s Sustainability Strategic Plan and Sustainable Event Certification, we will endeavor to take the following actions to minimize the energy, carbon, and water footprint of our event:

  • No bottled water will be available at any time during the conference. Instead, large water dispensers will be placed in each of the presentation rooms. During field trips, we will have large water dispensers and we encourage you to bring your own reusable bottle and recycle disposable bottles.
  • Printing will be kept to a minimum. Abstracts will not be printed, but rather found online.
  • All meals at the conference venue will be served using china, glassware and metal utensils, all reusable and no disposables.
  • Area information (e.g. maps, lists of restaurants, etc.) will be available, but not automatically distributed in the welcome packet. To reduce waste, we ask that you pick up the information as needed at the registration desk and share when possible.
  • Name badge carriers are all reused from previous events.
  • Conference attendees are encouraged to use low footprint transportation as much as possible during the conference (e.g. walking, biking, carpooling, local transit). As the conference venue is located in downtown Asheville, local transportation via foot will be generally convenient. Additionally, Asheville transit has a strong public transportation system throughout the city and a local bus stop is located just a few steps from the conference venue.
  • Conference feedback surveys will only be available online.
  • Recycling bins will be present throughout the conference venue.
  • Exhibitors are encouraged to limit the amount of materials they bring and distribute in order to reduce waste.
  • To learn more about everyday sustainability efforts around the NC State University campus, please visit NC State Sustainability.