Youth Programs

BAE offers the opportunity for students to truly engage in experiential learning. The department administers the long standing 4-H Youth Electric program in electricity and provides summer pre-college workshops through the College of Engineering, allowing students to explore topics in biological and agricultural engineering.


4-H Electric Youth Program

Teens working on a 4-H Electric Project at the Annual NC Electric Congress

The 4-H Electric Youth Program draws huge interest throughout the state. A highlight of the program is the 4-H Electric Congress, coordinated and planned annually by the department. The Congress brings 4-H participants from counties all over North Carolina for a three-day program focused on electrification. Attendance at the Congress is an earned opportunity for 4-H participants who have successfully completed a set of county-wide electric activities.

Engineering High School Summer Programs

Our pre-college workshops are offered to build skills and critical thinking in areas that support agriculture and engineering for society’s needs. Programs are offered through the College of Engineering – Engineering High School Summer Programs. Students are given a hands on experience in biological and agricultural engineering.

BAE offers workshops in:

  • Bioprocess Engineering
  • Ecological Engineering

Note: The subject of summer workshops may change each year.