The idea behind the Senior Design Program is simple: Learn by doing.

Our nationally recognized Senior Design program has been driven by this idea for more than 50 years. It has produced results that have benefited industry, local government and communities across the state. Students pair into groups to tackle a project of their choice with a faculty and industry advisor.

Senior Design students take a two-hour course twice a week, with a three-hour lab for group meetings. Throughout the year, students give presentations for their faculty and industry sponsors, culminating in a final formal presentation open to the the department, family and friends.

This year two BAE senior design teams competed nationally at the American Society of Biological and Agricultural Engineers Annual International Meeting in Detroit.

AGCO National Student Design Competition – 1st Place

Pine Biners Team –  Ben Cauthen, Ben Cranfill, Alex Greeson, Will Marsh Matthew Parker

This team designed and built a pine mulch processing unit. There is currently no method of mechanization in the pine mulch processing industry. Pine straw must be manually separated from pine cones, dirt, sticks or any other trash that is not desirable in the pine straw industry.


Gunlogson National Student Design Competition – 1st Place

Floating Wetlands Team – Craig Ballard, Sam Fasking, Emallie Magoon, and Nick Smirne

This team designed and built a floating wetlands system at MacGregor Downs Lake to collect trash and improve the water quality in the lake. A significant part of their project included designing and building an anchor system that releases in certain storm conditions to keep from damaging the wetlands system.


Here are the projects taken on by senior design groups in 2017 and 2018.

Senior Design 2018

Streamlined Bioretention Monitoring System

Samantha Eaddy, Amanda Healy, Sexton, Vega, Winter

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Bill Hunt

Industry Sposor: Hazen & Sawyer

Tilapia Aquaponics

Josh Marcus, Matt Nichols, Danny Smith,Devon Wilcox

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Steve Hall

Wetland Restoration at Pocosin Lakes

Conner Bottorff, Lauryn Kabrich, Edward Knuckley, Ben Tharrington

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Mike Burchell

Industry Sponsor: Kris Bass Engineering

ASABE 2018 Fountain Wars

Tamam Almashni, Grant Bowman, Rob Mohney, Justin Morrison, William Way

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Chadi Sayde

Industry Sponsor: ASABE Competition Team

Floating Wetland at Lake MacGregor II

Craig Ballard, Sam Fasking, Emallie Magoon, Nick Smirne

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Mike Burchell

Industry Sponsor: MacGregor Downs Country Club

ASABE 2018 Quarter Scale Tractor

Brad Everhart, Seth Jones, Ben Pierce

Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Grant Ellington and Edward Godfrey III

Industry Sponsor: ASABE Competition Team

Biomass Ensilage Processing Vessel

Ian Hill, Jessica Navin, Matt Ritter

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Matthew Whitfield and Edward Godfrey III

Pine Straw Mulch Processing

Ben Cauthen, Ben Cranfill, Alex Greeson, Will Marsh, Matthew Parker

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Justin Macialek

Industry Sponsor: North Carolina Pine Needle Producers Assoc.

Residential Greywater Reuse System

Alex Flint, Waylon Knab, Adib Najafian, Qiuyu Zhang

Faculty Sponsors: Drs. Praveen Kolar and John Classen


Senior Design 2017

Vegetation Devastation

Lizzie Gordon, Sammy Kohl, Jared Robbins, Tyler Wagner, Mack Warren
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Gary Roberson

Improvements on a Direct Chemical Injection System
Jim Abdalla, Riley DeHority, Alec Mills, Jack Ratcliffe
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Gary Roberson

Page-Doll Innovative Stream Repair
Kelsey Atkins, Adam Elshanawany, Richard Hinton, Cameron Jernigan
Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Barbara Doll, Mr. Jonathan Page

2016-2017 Quarter Scale Tractor: “Dire Wolf”
Kenny Atkins, Jake McCarn, Austin Scott, Alex Thompson
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Grant Ellington

Page Street Constructed Stormwater Wetland
Mary Gessner, Tracy Marshall, Calvin Stone, Grant Williams
Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Bill Hunt & Mr. Jonathan Page

Stormwater Wetland and Solar Powered Pump Station
Mason Marriner, Alex May, Kristen Navaroli, Taylor Williams
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Mike Burchell

Quarter Scale Tractor Suspension Team
Travis Beinke, Sean Smith, Buck Williams, George Williams
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Grant Ellington

NC Hardwood Store Lumber Scanner
Macon Boyce, Josh Holder, Ben Summers, Gavin Teague
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Larry Stikeleather

Catchment and Dispensing System for Harvesting Biomass
Amber Fields, Kayla Hurst, Helen Peel, Caitlin Spear
Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Robert Evans & Mr. Barry Lineberger

Measuring Carbon Sequestration in Eastern Oysters
Natalie Bohorquez, Ben Bradley, Kelly Harris, Alexi Panizza, Andrew Prickett
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Steven Hall

Improving Efficiency in Small Scale Anaerobic Digesters
McAvoy, McDaniel, Mileham, Ward
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Sanjay Shah

Hub Farm Irrigation
James Adcock, Alex Ges, Tracy Jones, Jocelyn Painter
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Rod Huffman

Recovering Nickel and Lead from Contaminated Water Bodies Using Duckweed
Levi Preston, Kevin Vittert, Li Yu
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jay Cheng

Application of Delftia Acidovorans as a Biofertilizer in Non-Legumes
James Homiller, Kaylie Loyd, Anneliese Vendel
Faculty Sponsors: Drs. Matt Whitfield & Carlos Goller

Urban Revitalization Through Stormwater Design in Goldsboro, NC
Michael Barzaghi, Mallory Goan, Andrew Harrell, Annie Lopez, Ben Tyner
Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Bill Hunt & Mr. Drew Howe