Make the world your classroom.

Study abroad is a unique opportunity that allows students to gain a global outlook and earn credit towards their degree. Think and do around the world to gain an outside perspective, increase your global knowledge, and explore the world.

BAE Belgium

NC State BAE has collaborated with Texas A&M to offer students an impactful study abroad program in Belgium. The Belgium Environmental Science & Engineering program is held at Katholieke Univeristy of Leuven, which is located approximately 30 km east of Brussells in the city of Leuven. K.U. Leuven was established in 1425 and it is now a modern, world-class university with excellent facilities. Leuven is a student-oriented city with a cosmopolitan atmosphere and many cafes and restaurants. The city is compact and very conducive to travel by foot or bicycle. All students will be provided a bicycle for transportation to class and around town. Read about Sam Blackman’s trip to Belgium for this program.

Research Abroad

Other students have the opportunity to perform research abroad with their advisors or other faculty. These high impact educational opportunities provide invaluable lessons to both undergraduate and graduate students. Working in research groups with faculty and students from other countries increases global knowledge and provides a space to grow personally and as a researcher.

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Justin Traenkle
Undergraduate student Justin Traenkle participated in a study abroad program in Ireland.
Graduate student Megan Boland conducted research in China.