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Why we need to engineer agriculture?

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The Importance of Agricultural Engineering...

Agriculture is the world's largest and most important industry feeding and clothing an ever growing world population. However, agriculture is growing in many new ways as energy from biofuels become important to our economy and new biotechnologies create additional uses for agricultural waste and byproducts. Biofuel use and other on-farm sustainable operations along with better technologies bring new hope that engineering agriculture can provide for more people.

Agriculture the biggest industry in the world?

Graphic: This USDA image shows how big the agricultural industry is and how US agriculture is the largest economy. Learn agricultural engineering at
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The United States is the largest agricultural producer in the world. Engineering is the input that permits this industry to produce our most basic needs without requiring the efforts of the whole population. In North Carolina, agriculture accounts for a significant portion of the state's economy. Agricultural engineers serve an immense and complicated industry. In North Carolina alone, there are many companies involved in agriculture and agribusiness. Each of these provide potential career opportunities for the well-trained engineer and technologist.

North Carolina Ag Facts: CALS Agribusiness 2013 .pdf

Image: graphic of the food chain including all the steps in the process of bringing produce to market. Learn agricultural engineering at

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