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Part of a well-rounded Bio & Ag engineering education consists of learning to function successfully in a variety of biological and environmental laboratory atmospheres.

Weaver Laboratories is a 82,758 sq. ft. building complex having both student and professional lab areas. Pictured below are 9 student labs and not shown are several other labs under development. Weaver Labs also uses its outdoor areas for student project development, hands-on class activities and project testing.

In the course of a student’s education they will learn to use concentration specific labs and related lab equipment with an emphasis on safety and protocol. The environmental and agricultural concentration students may find some of their labs held in outdoor university field sites exposing them to portable equipment, environmental sampling and other operations.

At NC State we follow established laboratory safety protocols in all of our labs  Environmental Health and Safety

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Student Organizations: Choose from our department organizations or other College of Engineering student organizations to network with other students and professionals outside the classroom.

Co-op Experience: Gain hands-on job experience while pursuing your degree, and get paid for it, through the Cooperative Education Program.

Study Abroad: Engineer without borders. Many employers are looking for graduates with second languages and international exposure. Study Abroad introduces you to global engineering.



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