Department Heads

1940 to the present

David S. Weaver, George W. Giles, Francis J. Hassler, James H Ruff, David B. Beasley, James H. Young, Robert O. Evans, Garey Fox

David S. Weaver
David S. Weaver – Served 1940-1948 – Weaver Laboratories was named in his honor. He was elected to the Ag. Hall of Fame in 1976.
G. Wallace Giles
G. Wallace Giles – Served 1948-1961
Francis J. Hassler
Francis J. Hassler – Served 1961-1987
James Ruff
James H. Ruff – Served 1987-1990
David B. Beasley
David B. Beasley, P.E. – Served 2006-2014
James H. Young
James H. Young, P.E. – Served 1999-2006
Robert O. Evans, P.E. – Served 2006-2014
Garey Fox
Garey Fox, P.E. – 2017-present

Previous Interim Department Heads:

Frank J. Humenik

Robert S. Sowell

C. Frank Abrams Jr., P.E.

Garry Grabow, P.E. – served 2014-2016