Join a Strong Engineering Department Working Towards Sustainable Agricultural, Biological, and Natural Systems

Biological and Agricultural Engineering (BAE) is the engineering of the future. It integrates a strong background in engineering science with agricultural, biological, chemical, environmental, and ecological principles. Engineering and technology graduates must be prepared to assist the world in providing the necessities of life and engineer a sustainable tomorrow.Fox Our faculty, professionals, staff, and students in Biological and Agricultural Engineering at North Carolina State University are leaders in providing a safe and abundant food supply; clean water and air; renewable sources of energy; and life-enhancing and life-saving products. We do this while maintaining a family environment where faculty are truly engaged with undergraduate and graduate students. Graduates of our program are not only outstanding engineers with a broad skill set to address applied engineering problems, but with the leadership skills to make a true difference in society.

The Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, ranked consistently in the top 10 of programs in the country, offers two four-year undergraduate programs, a graduate program at both the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy levels, and certificate graduate program. Our program is jointly administered by the top-ranked College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Engineering. Our Biological Engineering (BE) program is also accredited through the ABET. Graduation from this program is a first step toward becoming a registered professional engineer. Our graduates work in fields such as water quality protection, biofuels, ecological restoration, precision agriculture, postharvest engineering, sustainable engineering, and air quality protection.

We also offer a four-year technology degree program called Agricultural and Environmental Technology (AET). Graduates from this program are well-grounded in agricultural production, environmental technologies, and business. They can use this broad background in agricultural, environmental, and agribusiness systems to provide an important technological and management link between the engineer and the consumer.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the department and our programs.

– Dr. Garey Fox, Department Head and Professor

NC State consistently earns top rankings:


10th in the nation for undergraduate degree in Biological and Agricultural Engineering

10th in graduate education in Biological and Agricultural Engineering


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  • Student Faculty Ratio – Less than 10:1
  • Highly Engaged Faculty in Academic and Career Advising
  • Greater than 90% Placement after Graduation
  • Get Involved Immediately in Departmental Student Organizations
    • 1/4-Scale Tractor Team
    • Fountain Wars Design Competition Team
    • American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
    • Alpha Epsilon Honor Society
    • Graduate Student Association


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