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The BAE newsletter is an annual publication of the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at NC State.

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Issue Featured Articles
Summer 2018 Awards and recognition at ASABE in Detroit, Faculty Focus and more
Fall 2017 BAE Hosts NC ASABE State Section Meeting, New Endowments, Student Updates and More
Summer 2016 Undergraduate Receives NFS Fellowship
Summer 2015 NC State Bio & Ag -China Connection
Summer 2014 Four Faculty Retire
Summer 2013 Stormwater Group Receives an Award
Summer 2012 Dr. Wayne Skaggs Retires
Summer 2011 A Look at Agricultural Air Quality
Summer 2010 75th Anniversary and Alumni Reunion
Summer 2009 Practices Enhance Sustainability
Summer 2008 Green Engineering for Sustainability
Summer 2007 Biofuels in Blast-off Status @BAE
Summer 2006 Hydrology Study in South America
Summer 2005 Symposium Focused on the Future
Poster insert BAE Poster located in the 2005 spring issue or contact above for copies
Winter2004 BAE Workshops and Training
Summer 2004 “We Bring Waste to Life”
Winter 2003 History of Peanut Mechanization
Summer 2003 Women in Engineering
Winter 2002 Undergraduates Goals
Summer 2002 Green Light for BAE at DOT
Winter 2001 Precision Engineering
Summer 2001 About NC Waters
Winter 2000 Exploring Partnering
Summer2000 Graduate Connection
Winter 1999 Swine Building Odor Research
Summer 1998 Sterilization in Food Processing