Measure 6c:  Conduct staff training

“Conduct staff training specific for pollution prevention and good housekeeping procedures.”

Your Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping program will not be effective unless you train your engineers, technicians, operators, landscapers and other relevant employees. Employees can identify and fix potential problems if they are aware of the need to protect water quality and how their actions can affect it. In addition, you can teach your employees to identify illicit discharges as part of the training and this will help you meet the goals for Measure 3 of your permit.  

You should train employees at all levels of responsibility as well as onsite contractors and temporary personnel on Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping. You can schedule the staff training as a special program or take advantage of scheduled venues, such as departmental staff meetings, to get pollution prevention and good housekeeping information to the your employees. It will be most effective if you start with an overall training program and then have annual “refresher” trainings to remind employees about your pollution prevention and good housekeeping program.

Topics to include in the training are:

#1   Spill prevention and response:

  • Identifying potential spill areas and drainage routes,
  • Identifying places where spill response equipment is located,
  • Responding to spills when they happen, and
  • Reporting spills without penalty (they should be granted amnesty). 

#2   Good housekeeping:

  • Regular vacuuming and/or sweeping,
  • Promptly cleaning up spills,
  • Securing drums and containers and frequently checking for leaks and spills, and
  • Outlining a regular schedule for housekeeping activities.

#3   Materials management:

  • Neatly organizing materials for storage,
  • Identifying all toxic and hazardous substances stored, handled and produced onsite, and
  • Handling procedures for toxic and hazardous substances.

Training can also including displaying signs reminding employees about pollution prevention and good housekeeping procedures.

The City of Los Angeles' Stormwater Program has put together a pollution prevention and good housekeeping program. They have a 19-page handbook, Preventing Stormwater Pollution, that discusses the potential impacts of municipal operations and how to reduce them through careful O & M. They have also developed a 20-minute video as a supplement to the handbook.