Measure 6a:  Develop an operation and maintenance program

“Develop a an operation and maintenance program that has the ultimate goal of preventing or reducing pollutant runoff from municipal operations.”

With proper operation and maintenance (O & M), the stormwater runoff from your facilities and operations will be cleaner and you will also be setting a good example for others in your community.

We suggest that you divide up your pollution prevention / good housekeeping program into the following steps. Make sure that your timeframe for completing these steps is consistent with your own Phase II permit.  

Step 1: Inventory all of the municipal operations that have the potential to cause stormwater pollution. These operations include (but may not be limited to) the following facilities:

  •  Storage areas for sand, salt, fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals,
  •  Vehicle fueling, storage and maintenance areas,
  •  Solid and hazardous waste management facilities and recycling centers,
  •  Water and sewer treatment systems,
  •  Animal shelters and pounds,
  •  Parking lots, and
  •  Locally owned and operated parks and open space.

Step 2: Develop inspection forms for each of the types of facilities listed above that are owned or operated by your jurisdiction. Develop a tracking system for organizing inspection records. Sample inspection forms can be found under Measure 6b.

Step 3: Inspect all of your municipal facilities using the forms you developed in Step 2. Take a lot of pictures to use in your staff training. Conduct the staff training program. Correct any problems you observe at your facilities.

Step 4: Re-inspect your facilities annually, fill out new inspection forms and enter data into your tracking system. Correct any problems you observe at your facilities.