Establish nutrient sensitive waters (NSW) protection
 measures (for programs with development or
 redevelopment draining to NSW waters)

“Develop, adopt and implement an ordinance (or similar regulatory mechanism) to ensure that the best management practice for reducing nutrient loading is selected. In areas where the Environmental Management Commission has approved a Nutrient Sensitive Waters Urban Stormwater Management Program, the provisions of that program fulfill the nutrient loading reduction requirement. Develop and include a nutrient application (fertilizer and organic nutrients) management program in the Post-construction Stormwater Management Program.”

A number of Phase II communities in North Carolina are already meeting this requirement through one of the following programs:

  • The Neuse NSW Stormwater Management Program,
  • The Tar-Pamlico NSW Stormwater Management Program, or
  • The Randleman Lake Water Supply Watershed Program.

Phase II communities that are NOT subject to these programs will work with staff from DWQ to create a model Phase II NSW Stormwater post-construction stormwater control program. The affected Phase II local governments will have the opportunity to meet with DWQ staff to formulate the model Phase II NSW program. You can contact appropriate DWQ staff via the DWQ Stormwater Unit home page.

DWQ’s vision for the Phase II NSW program is that it will require ONLY non-structural BMPs; that is, managing the sources of nutrients through education and pollution prevention.

DWQ staff do NOT envision that the Phase II NSW program will include different or additional structural BMPs on new development or redevelopment projects.

Some links that may be of interest to Phase II jurisdictions with NSW waters are: