Measure 4a: Implement a program and establish a regulatory
 mechanism for sediment and erosion control

“Develop a regulatory mechanism and implement a program requiring erosion and sediment controls at construction sites and providing sanctions to ensure compliance. Instead of originating a new program, the permittee may elect to rely on the NCDENR Division of Land Resources (DLR) Erosion and Sediment Control Program, either as administered by the DLR or as delegated by the Sedimentation Control Commission (SCC) to another entity with appropriate jurisdiction, including the permittee. The permittee may rely on the DLR program only to the extent that that program satisfies all of the following BMPs.”

The NC Division of Land Resources Local Program web page contains:

  • Local program assistance application,

  • A local program phone list,

  • A list of local program ordinance fees.

As the local program website explains, the North Carolina Sedimentation Control Commission (NCSCC) has some funding available to assist local governments in implementing delegated sediment and erosion control programs.  Matching funds are required (minimum 60% local match to 40% NCSCC funds). 

NCSCC local program assistance funds may used to either start up a new local erosion and sedimentation control programs, or expand or enhance existing local programs.