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Animal Waste and Wastewater Irrigation

Photo: Wastewater truck spraying a field


Dr. Garry Grabow
Extension Specialist,
Irrigation and Drainage
Phone: 919.513.7348
Fax: 919.515.6772

The environment is protected with the proper calibration of irrigation equipment...

Resources and Information

  • AG 634 -Hose Drag Systems for Land Application
    of  Liquid Manure and Wastewater
  • AG 553-8 -Hose-Drag Wastewater Equipment-Field Calibration Procedures
  • AG 607 -Irrigation Scheduling to Achieve Proper Application of Wastewater
  • AG 439-3 Land Applications of Municipal Sludge- Advantages and Concerns
  • AG 439-6 Permit Guidelines for Application of Municipal Sludge on Agricultural Lands
  • Field Calibration Procedures For Animal Wastewater Application Equipment
    • AG 553-1-  Stationary Sprinkler - Irrigation System
    • AG 553-2 - Hard Hose And Cable Tow Traveler - Irrigation System
    • AG 553-3 - Center Pivot And Linear Move - Irrigation System
    • AG 553-4 - Weight-Aera Method - Spreader System
    • AG 553-5 - Load Area Method - Spreader System
    • AG-553-09- Calibration ( NEW )
  • Wettable Acreage Determination for
    • AG 553-6 - Stationary Sprinkler - Irrigation System
    • AG 556-7 - Hard Hose Traveler - Irrigation System

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