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Irrigation Resources

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Photo: Dr. Gary Grabow

Dr. Garry Grabow
Extension Specialist,
Irrigation and Drainage
Phone: 919.513.7348
Fax: 919.515.6772


These pages contain technical information and resources for irrigators. At NC State research into improved methods for irrigation and drainage have been ongoing since the department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering's beginnings.

photo: irrigation training for contractors taking place at Lake Wheeler Field Labs.
Photo shows irrigation training for contractors taking place at Lake Wheeler Field Labs.

Recent droughts and technological developments in irrigation systems hardware have re-focused interest in efficient irrigation and water management.

Applied research and extension efforts in irrigation at NC State include subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) for crop production and wastewater land application, and evaluation of "smart irrigation controllers used in landscape irrigation.

Extension Outreach

Educational Outreach is provided through training, demonstration, projects, workshops and publications targeted at farmers, landscape professionals, municipal officials, extension agents, homeowners, and engineers.

spray from irrigatior hose reel hose reel lesson
irrigator clear water engineer photo pivot sprayer