Photo of cistern

The BAE Stormwater Engineering Group is a team consisting of tenure and non-tenure track faculty, graduate students, part-time associates, and off-campus Extension Faculty. Our mission is to "learn and teach" stormwater management and cover the three main aspects of a land-grant university: (1) applied research, (2) extension and engagement, and (3) on- and off-campus teaching.

Research areas of interest include the function and impacts of stormwater management such as bioretention areas, green roofs, stormwater wetlands, permeable pavements, water harvesting systems, and other innovative treatment practices.

Other research areas target maintenance of stormwater systems, watershed and economic impacts of stormwater practices, Low Impact Development (LID), temperature impacts, and mosquito control. Faculty in the BAE stormwater group conduct over 15 training events per year in North Carolina and other Southeastern states, training hundreds of design professionals each year.

Design specs now posted!